What to pack for a spring city trip

What To Pack City Trip

What To Pack

Straw bag

Last month I hopped on a plane that took me straight to Barcelona for a couple of days, which was the ideal short getaway ánd an awesome teaser of what spring could actually be like. It almost felt like summer, even though it was still early April. Which was something else from the freezing temperatures we still had back then in The Netherlands, so I could definitely leave them chunky knits at home. So what did I pack? I’ve made a little list of essentials that should definitely be in your suitcase if you’re going on a city trip (or any other mini holiday that involves lots of walking) to a sunny destination.

Good shoes
The first thing I put in my suitcase where a pair (or two, girl’s gotta have options) of comfortable shoes. Since city trips for me always mean I’ll be strolling around a lot, I always bring a pair of trainers, like my Converse. If you’re getting blisters easily, make sure you opt for a pair that have already been broken in properly.

A small bag
Whenever I’m out and about and ready to discover a new city, I prefer carrying around as little as possible. Therefore I would leave my tote bag at home and go for a small, cross body bag instead, that has just enough room to contain only the necessary things.

The right fabrics
If you’re going to a sunny and warm destination, you definitely want to bring clothes that have great next to skin comfort, meaning they won’t get all sticky. Fabrics need to be light and breathable, especially when you’ll be on the move most of the time. I usually prefer cotton and linen.

A jacket
Unless you know a 100% sure that you don’t need outerwear, I’d always bring a (lightweight) jacket. Simply because it will add a little extra to your outfit when you need it (an unforeseen rain shower or during the cooler evenings).

Day-to-night pieces
If you’re planning on going out at night, I would pack some versatile pieces, that can be worn both during the day and during the night. A dress for example, that you’ll wear with a pair of flat sandals or trainers for daytime and with a pair of heels when going out.

If you’re curious about what my ideal spring city trip outfit looks like, head over to VILA Moments!

Have you got any city trips planned? I’m curious to hear about your packing lists!


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