Staycation: Waking up in Amsterdam

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CitizenM Hotel

Waking Up in Amsterdam

Amsterdam CitizenM

Staycation time! The other day me and my boyfriend went to Amsterdam, where we stayed for the weekend. We slept in the CitizenM hotel, which is a boutique hotel in Amsterdam South. I hadn’t been there before so I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it sure was a pleasant stay. Even though we were a bit early, our room was ready so we could check in immediately. Which is, by the way, a simple and super fast (computerized) process. After that we were of course very curious about the room, so we quickly went up to take a look.
The rooms are something else! They’re tiny, but super efficiently arranged. The bed is as wide as the room itself and (very important) nice and comfortable, so we definitely had a good night’s sleep after strolling around in Amsterdam all day.
Our second day started with a tasty breakfast (loads of croissants, yay!) which is always such a plus. We hang out in the lobby for a bit, which felt like a cozy living room (including some awesome fashion books!) Also, the staff was super friendly and always ready to help if you needed any. If you’re planning on a short stay in Amsterdam, this is definitely a great place to stay.

To my international readers: Have you ever been in Amsterdam? What did you like most about the city? Let’s chat about it in the comments!

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