Tips & Tricks: How to wear white in winter

No white in winter used to be a true fashion rule, but nowadays it’s nothing more than a rusty old style myth that’s definitely been busted. Here’s how to rock whites during the coolest season of the year:

Go for rich, cozy materials
The secret to creating a white look in winter that actually feels wintery, lies in the materials. Go for fabrics that have a rich look and feel, like cashmere or faux fur.

Pick a shade of white that suits your skin tone
Luckily there are plenty of (nearly) white shades to try out. If you’re not into crisp white or you feel like it simply doesn’t suit you, try a warmer tone like creamy white. See the chart below for more white gradations.

Mix it with other winter shades
An all white look can be really cool. If dressing in one shade isn’t your cup of tea though, I’d recommend mixing white with other winter shades, like nude, beige or light grey. Personally, I really like mixing white with nude and a dark red lip. I wore it before here.

Play with textures
If you do feel like rocking an all white look, make sure to use garments with different textures. This adds more depth to your look and gives it a bit of an edge. A very simple but effective way of doing this might simply be by pairing white jeans with a woolen (cable) jumper. Another great look (for the Holiday season!) could be a satin slip dress with a faux fur jacket thrown over.

Try some layering
There it is again! Layering is a great way to step up your outfit game and just like adding different textures, it adds more depth. Also, wearing layers will keep you warm. Since we’re talking winter outfits here, that’s definitely a big plus!





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