Tips & Tricks: How I edit my Instagram pictures (updated)

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Recently, I got a lot of questions about how I edit my Instagram pictures. I already did a post about this last year but a lot has changed since, so I decided to post an updated version.

VSCO vs Afterlight
While last year I was still on team Afterlight, I have now discovered the benefits of VSCO and I have to say: I’m hooked. It’s got so many options when it comes to editing and it’s got loads of pretty filters to choose from. I only use Afterlight now to crop my images, even though that’s also possible with VSCO. I don’t really know why I’m still using Afterlight for that, I guess it has something to do with old habits…

Before anything else, you need to make sure the lighting is right when you take the shot. In winter that can be quite a challenge, since it’s dark most of the time. Yet I noticed that I find the light to be best around noon, so that’s when I take most of my pictures. You’ll find that when the lighting is right, you need little to no editing. Other than that, I use VSCO for;

Brightness / contrast
Whereas I used to be a fan of super light images that were close to being overexposed, I now like a little more contrast. Therefore I only adjust the brightness a tiny bit, making sure all details are clear and not too light (nor too dark). I usually set the brightness to max +0.5.

When taking my pictures I already try to get them as sharp as possible, but since I use my iPhone for most of the Instagram healthcarewell pharmacy viagra photos (currently got an iPhone 6, thinking of getting the iPhone 7 though), not all are of great quality. So only if needed, I set the sharpness to max +1.0. I don’t like it when pictures get unnaturally sharp.

I hate it when my pictures turn out to be yellowish, so I usually set the temperature to about -2. This way the yellow tones make place for blue ones, which makes your picture look more white. For iPhone pictures I hardly ever skip this part, because I usually find them to be quite yellow. I recently noticed that you can also adjust the temperature with the build-in camera function of VSCO, so you don’t have to edit it afterwards.

My preferred filter at the moment is definitely J3 from the minimalist collection. It’s got an analogue touch which I find very pretty and it also adds this blue/pinkish touch. I usually set it to max +3.5, so the effect is very subtle but just enough to make your feed look in sync.

That’s about it! See you on Instagram? 😉

Also, before I make the actual purchase: If you have one, I’m very curious to hear your thoughts about your iPhone 7! Let me know in the comments below.

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