Tips & Tricks: Dressing for snowy weather

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First of all, how cool is this image of New York in the fifties? I found it per accident when I was browsing for snowy street style on Pinterest and I simply had to use it. I always love vintage photography!

Anyway, since we’re right in the middle of winter, I figured it might be nice to talk about appropriate winter dressing. And by that I mean dressing for snowy weather, without looking like a puffy snow man. Sharing my best tips below!

Uggs are not going to do the trick
I always see them cropping up in winter, but the truth is: Uggs aren’t going to save your feet when it snows. At least not the original suede ones. They might be comfortable and warm at first, but eventually they’re likely to get wet and thus you’ll have cold feet. Instead, opt for a pair of waterproof shoes. Also, make sure they have a chunky sole with good grip. This is no time for unreliable footwear.

Layering is key
As long as you’re layering the right way, you’ll be able to both stay warm and look stylish. Win-win!

Opt for a wide-brim hat
You might think of a chunky beanie to wear when it’s cold and snowy out, but a hat with a wider brim such as a woolen fedora actually works miracles when it comes to keeping the snow out of your face.

Mittens beat gloves
They might be somewhat impractical, but when it comes to warmth mittens simply beat gloves. Besides, they do look kinda cute!

What’s your best advice for dressing warm in winter?

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