Tips & Tricks: comfortable summer fabrics

Whenever it’s warm and sunny out, I prefer to wear something that’s lightweight, breezy and that will keep me cool. Because honestly, sticky clothes are the worst! Opting for the right colours can be helpful, but the most important thing is picking the right fabric.

Generally, fabrics can be divided into three sorts:

1. Natural
2. Synthetic
3. Semi-synthetic

Silk, cotton, linen, wool: Personally I try to opt for natural fabrics as much as possible, especially during spring and summer. Although each of these fabrics have their own characteristics, they have one thing in common: they’re all comfortable to wear on a hot spring or summer day. Yes, even wool! Wool, like silk, is cool in summer and warm in winter. Of course I wouldn’t recommend wearing a huge woolen sweater, but a delicate woolen top (usually in a blend) can be a true wardrobe winner for warmer days.

Polyester and Nylon (polyamide) are popular synthetic fabrics. Unlike natural fibers, these synthetics do not absorb any moisture, so they can feel very sweaty when worn on a hot day. They do however deserve some bonus points because of the fact that they hardly ever crease, so there’s not much ironing involved. They’re also super strong and durable. Although I wouldn’t recommend wearing something that’s made out of 100% polyester or polyamide in summer, a blend with a natural fabric could be quite nice.

Viscose (Rayon) is a good example of a semi-synthetic. It is probably one of the most misunderstood fabrics of all, as it’s not a natural fabric, nor is it completely synthetic. It’s made out of cellulose, but the process is chemical. It’s pretty much like the synthetic version of cotton. Like cotton and all other natural fibers, viscose is breathable and therefore suitable for warm weather. A disadvantage is that viscose is vulnerable when it gets wet, so you have to be careful.
A more conscious alternative to viscose is lyocell.

Want to know more about dressing cool for hot weather? Perhaps this post is something for you.

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  1. I want that white blouse in the pic top of post. Love it. Info details please.

  2. This a really great guide to summer perfect fabrics! NYC is so hot & humid during the summer months, I’m never looking forward to it, but cotton will be my best friend for sure!


  3. I hate viscose because it’s very creasy! after 10 minutes you need ironing, it’s not good for everyday life. And all the high street shops have many viscose garments unfortunately…

    • That’s true, especially when woven it can crease very easily. Still, I often prefer viscose over polyester. Xx

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