Things to do on Sunday to prep for Monday

1. Sleep late
Because on Sundays, you simply can.

2. Clean
Nothing is more annoying than to wake up on Monday morning with the house still being a mess and no time to clean things up. So, it’s best to prevent such a situation by doing some necessary cleaning on Sunday. Whether it’s cleaning out your closet (I bet you’ve got that Eminem song stuck in your head now, sorry!) or cleaning the bathroom: do what needs to be done, you’ll thank yourself for it.

3. Pick outfits for the week
Sunday is the perfect day to already put together some outfits for the week. Maybe even try out new combinations, since you’ve got the time. Bye, sartorial stress!

4. Put together a to-do list
I always like putting these lists together on Sunday, so I know exactly what I need to focus on as soon as Monday hits. It helps to stay organized and, since my brain’s usually already got one too many tabs open, it keeps things from getting a little too chaotic.

5. Set new goals
Since I am a huge fan of being able to tick off a list (hence the above, it just works so satisfying!), I also like working with goals. I simply write down a couple, big or small, and try my best to achieve them during the week.

6. Get outside
Fresh air is the best remedy against the dreaded Sunday Scaries. Clear your mind, and realize Monday probably isn’t going to be that bad at all. Take it easy and try to live in the moment, don’t look too much ahead. Since you’ve already penned down your to-do and goals list, there’s really no need to.

7. Pizza + Netflix
See point 1 😉

How do you like to prepare for the new week? Any rituals?


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