The spring uniform

The Spring Uniform

The Spring Uniform outfit

The Spring Uniform details

The Spring Uniform Street Style

Sissy-boy sweater [similar] / Monki cropped jeans / Zara leather flats [similar] / Zara basket bag [similar]

Currently I’m wearing pretty much the same all day every day. I do blame the weather, but as I promised you I wouldn’t talk about that anymore, I won’t.

So let’s move on to a better subject: footwear. Even though I do like my kitten heels which are pretty easy to walk in, I have developed a particular appreciation for flats lately. In more detail: butter soft, leather flats. I found the pair I am wearing in these pictures at Zara and I have been wearing them a lot lately. Someone at the office even told me that she found “real Jules shoes” somewhere online which were exactly like my beloved flats, so it’s getting pretty serious. I’m even considering buying a new (spare) pair in case these get too damaged (the flip-side of butter soft leather).

What’s your current footwear obsession? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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