#TBT: Outfits from Barcelona

Barcelona Look 1

Barcelona look 2

Barcelona look 3

Barcelona look 4

Barcelona look 5

Looking at these pictures I realise even more that I absolutely miss the beautiful weather I had back in Barcelona. Here in The Netherlands it seems like actual spring weather is currently on hold, which means wearing sandals or cropped anything is simply not (yet) an option.
But I’m sure better weather will come! Until then I’ll just cozy up in that huge pink knit I’m wearing in the third picture.
Also, I’m totally aware of the fact that I talk about the weather far too often (sorry, Dutch people tend to do so – I blame my roots). So let’s have a chat about what’s the weather like in your country and I promise I won’t talk about it anymore afterwards! 😉


  1. I just love how your play around with basic pieces and make them not so basic. Been following your for a while now and your truly an inspiration. By the way, I love the small purse.

    Princess Audu

  2. Oh man, I always post about the weather, too! I blame it on the fact that it’s kind of what I study in grad school (I study more climate than weather but I had to take weather classes). 😉

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