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Skopelos Sea

Skopelos Outfit

Skopelos Bag

Skopelos Market

Skopelos Beach

When it comes to planning our summer holidays, me and my boyfriend are always late. This year was no different, and I had almost given up hope on finding something within the short period of time that we had left before we finally started looking, and then it happened: We looked up a list of the finest Greek islands and came across Skopelos. An small island in the western Aegean Sea, that no one that we told seemed to know about. Which was only making us more excited, because we love discovering new places.
Skopelos is actually the island where Mama Mia! was filmed back in 2007, and that is the one thing some people know it from. But Skopelos is so much more than that. It has the most amazing beaches, with incredible cliffs and super clear water (the clearest I’ve ever seen, hands down). Skopelos town is the main centre of the island. You can’t get there by plane because it doesn’t have an airport, so you need to fly to Skiathos (right next to Skopelos) and then go by boat. That already is an incredible trip (takes about 50 mins), and when you arrive in the harbour you get a first glimpse of what Skopelos Town looks like.
Honestly it was one of my best holidays so far, so I’d definitely recommend this place. Also, I am really curious about your summer getaway! Where did you go this summer? Let me know in the comments!


  1. nog nooit van dit eiland gehoord, maar het ziet er wel heel gezellig uit! ik ben naar de bodensee geweest. ook een heerlijke plek! x

    • Je bent niet de enige! Letterlijk niemand in mijn omgeving had er van gehoord, maar het is zo’n mooie plek. Bodensee is ook mooi! 🙂 x

    • Thanks! Ja, echt niet normaal, zo helder. Echt een aanrader x

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