Postcards from Barcelona, part I

Postcards from Barcelona blossom

Postcards from Barcelona Mont Serrat

Postcards from Barcelona Cypress

Postcards from Barcelona Mont Serrat look

Postcards from Barcelona view

Postcards from Barcelona complete outfit

Last week I promised you guys to show you a bit more of my trip to Barcelona, so here’s the frist part of my “Postcards from Barcelona” mini series!

On the first day, me and my brother went to Montserrat, which is just outside the city of Barcelona. We had to go there by train and then go up the mountain by cable car, which was quite exciting (and a little scary, I admit). Once we got there, the view was incredible. The weather was amazing too, so we decided to do a little hiking and of course take lots of pictures along the way. Apart from accidentally climbing up the mountain instead of hiking down (which we later found out wasn’t even possible) we really enjoyed the beautiful views and the relaxed atmosphere. If you’re ever in Barcelona, you should definitely visit!

Next time I’ll show you some shots I took in the city. For now, happy Monday!


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