My favourite ways to wear the white shirt

The classic button down must be one of the most trending items at the moment. It’s super versatile, which makes it the perfect basic and an absolute wardrobe winner. Personally, I prefer cotton shirts that look crisp and are slightly oversized: those are perfect to play around with.

Below you’ll find some of my favourite ways to wear my oversized white shirt + how to create the look!

1. Strapless
– put on the shirt with your arms out.
– Button up your shirt to just above the bust.
– tie the sleeves in your waist for a more fitted look.
– tie them above the bust for a babydoll effect.
Tip: you’ll notice that you’ll have lots of fabric to work with. To prevent it from looking too bulky, twist the sleeves a bit before tying them together.

2. Off-the-shoulder
– put on your shirt normally.
– unbutton it a bit so you’ll have room to pull it off shoulder.
– pull if off shoulder.
– casually tuck it into your jeans.
Tip: you’ll find that the sleeves are super long now. Simply roll them up.

3. Backwards
– put on your shirt backwards.
– leave it open in the back (which is actually the front).
– tie the ends together.
Tip: to make sure the the collar isn’t choking you, always go for an oversized shirt.

4. One shoulder
– put on your shirt normally.
– close the shirt up to the bust.
– remove one of your arms from the shirt.
– drape it nicely (this is usually the hardest bit – but practice makes perfect, trust me!
– tie the fabric hanging down on one side (including the sleeve you’re not wearing) together in a loose knot.

That’s it! Which one do you like best? Do you know any different ways to wear a basic shirt?


  1. The one-shoulder look is soooo sick. Awesome post!


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