How to style the beret + where to shop

The Beret


If you ask me, the beret is more than just a seasonal trend. It’s a true classic, that would go with any outfit, any year. It’s one of those pieces that instantly adds the right amount of je ne sais quoi to your look, without overdoing it. Besides, who doesn’t like to look French?

Know your classics

Last year, I got myself a black and a grey beret that I’ve been wearing a lot. They’re made of felted wool and are quite simple, just how I like them best. There are lots of styles with pompoms, pearls, eyelets and other embellishments out there right now, but I always prefer the classic ones without any distractions. Also, I like them to be slightly oversized.

How to wear the beret

Question is, how to wear a beret? The answer is simple: the way you like it. Key is not overdoing it, if you’ll wear it with a striped shirt, suspenders and white gloves, chances are you’ll look like a mime. I’m kidding of course, but you get the point. On the other hand though, don’t be afraid to make a statement. Pull it a bit backwards for a nineties vibe or wear it more to the side for a playful touch. If you’d like it to be a bit more feminine, pull it backwards so your hair line shows. Just play around with it and find out what works best for you! I’ve selected a few favourites for you to shop in the carrousel below. What do you think about berets? How do you wear yours?


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