Hot or Not: Velvet

Velvet, definitely one of the most versatile fabrics out there. It feels soft and it’s comfortable to wear. Plus, nothing really adds that bit of va-va-voom to your look quite like velvet. The perfect trend to put on trial this time!

The fashion in-crowd took notice and shows us how to wear this plush fabric. Personally, I would add one piece of velvet and keep the rest of the look quite clean, for balance.
What are your thoughts on velvet? Hot or Not?


[Images: / / / Vogue UK]

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  1. I think that it depends largely on the piece and on the combination. Velvet has the tendency to look gaudy and sometimes cheap, so it has to be chosen and worn carefully. With that said, I have to say that I liked all the pieces that you brought here (on the girls wearing them, at least), and I say this as a minimalist.
    By the way, I like your blog and your taste very much!
    Have a nice weekend!

    • You are so right! That’s why I would probably keep it very simple and mix it with other, more fresh looking fabrics. Thank you very much for your compliment, so glad you like my blog! 🙂

      Jules x

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