Hot or Not: A shirt under your spaghetti straps




The nineties keep cropping up (Literally. Nineties, crop tops, cropped jeans…see what I did there? Pun so intended!) and if there’s one trend that takes me back to my childhood it’s layering a shirt under your spaghetti strap dress or top. I remember back in the days it was huge and all the cool celebs where wearing it and looked effortlessly chic in a casual, almost messy way. Ofcourse I’ve tried it myself back then, but I didn’t look nearly as cool as I thought. Perhaps it’s time to give it another shot…

What do you think about this trend? Hot or Not?




  1. Super hot! Ik heb alleen een voller figuur, dus ik denk dat het mij niet zo staat. But I can try it.

  2. This trend is definitely hot and yes perhaps it’s time to try it again. What I love above the trend is that it takes away the whole bra struggle that comes with the spaghetti strap top.

    Princess Audu

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