Footwear Files: White is the new black + how to wear

Footwear files white shoes

Footwear files: white Zara heels

When it comes to footwear, I am all about white this season. It just feels so good to swap my black heels for white ones, it instantly adds a fresh spring vibe to any outfit and they’re surprisingly easy to combine. Not sure yet how to wear white shoes yourself? Simply keep these things in mind and you should be good:

White goes with anything, so don’t be afraid to try out completely new looks. If you’re not used to wearing white shoes it might look feel weird at first, but you’ll get used to them soon enough. It’s not that different from styling white trainers, really.

Steer away from “cheap” fabrics such as plastic-like faux leather. If you don’t want to go for real leather look for a high quality alternative. White (heeled) shoes tend to look cheap very easily, especially when the quality is poor.

White footwear usually gets dirty in a split second, so they need some extra care. Use the right products to protect them and always clean any stains or dirt directly after wearing them, otherwise it might be too late. Just be extra careful in general, you don’t want to walk around in white shoes that are full of scratches and other damage.

Need some extra inspiration? See me wearing my favourites here, here and for more, head over to my Instagram.

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