Colour Class: The spring 2017 palette + how to wear

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It probably comes as no surprise that pink is still one of the hottest colours right now. But that’s not the only one! According to Pantone, this is what the spring 2017 fashion palette looks like:

1. Primrose Yellow
Inject your wardrobe with some sunshine! Primrose Yellow is the perfect colour to start adding some spring to your outfits, no matter what the weather looks like. I personally really like this warm, slightly golden shade of yellow mixed with neutrals such as cream and beige.

2. Pale Dogwood
Yay for nudes! I’m all for soft shades and nude is one of my absolute favourites. This season’s nude shade is called “Pale Dogwood” and is a subtle pink shade which is a great wardrobe staple. Works with almost anything.

3. Hazelnut
Another shade that can be filed under nudes is this hazelnut tone. Looks very pretty combined with Pale Dogwood!

4. Island Paradise
Island Paradise is a beautiful blue colour that slightly gravitates towards green. It feels really fresh and it immediately reminds me of this trend I talked about in a previous post, called “seaside stripes“. I’d definitely wear this colour in a striped ensemble, preferably with a white tone and perhaps something darker like navy.

5. Greenery
Pantone declared this particular shade of green to be the colour of the year. It’s one of the brightest greens we’ve seen in a while and resembles the first spring leaves. Fresh and crisp! Looks good with most neutrals, but is also very cool mixed with metallics.

6. Flame
Flame is nothing less than the name would suggest: it’s a warm shade of orange. It’s the ultimate shade to add a bit of fire to your outfit! It mixes beautifully with gold tones.

7. Pink Yarrow
A super vibrant pink tone that is great for that ton-sûr-ton look. Try wearing it with other shades of pink, from the softest nude all the way to red.

8. Niagara
A denim-like blue with a touch of grey that makes a great basic. Looks very pretty with crisp white, a classic stripe or, again, worn ton-sûr-ton.

9. Kale
The time that kale was only on your plate (or in your juice), is long gone. It has made its way to our wardrobes in the form of a natural dark green colour. Looks very nice mixed with khaki and most other neutrals, or try adding a splash of a vibrant colour for a nice contrast.

10. Lapis Blue
Although not in my colour scheme above, lapis blue very much belongs to the spring colours for 2017. It’s a vibrant blue shade that reminds me a bit of royal and electric blue. As with all other blues, it’s perfect for a fresh stripe pattern mixed with white.

Which of these colours is your favourite? How would you wear it?

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