Event: VILA Store opening Amsterdam


As I told you last week, Danish high street brand VILA has opened a brand new store in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. It is the first one in The Netherlands presenting the brand’s new lifestyle concept. Next to the collections of VILA, Selected Femme, Y.A.S. and Object, they’re selling lots of cool lifestyle items, from make up to postcards and pretty accessories. The card in the first picture is my absolute favorite, would love to give it a nice spot in my home! 
I attended the event that was hosted to celebrate the opening, and believe me: the store is beautiful. It’s really light and soft for your eyes, I personally always hate it when a store has a loud interior. It has a kind of homey atmosphere, with a typical Scandinavian vibe. If you’re ever around, go check it out yourselves! :)

P.S. I would like to thank those of you who dropped by at the event, it was super cool meeting you guys! 

Come party with me and VILA


Valentine Gauthier pour VILA woolen coat / H&M Trend striped top / Cheap Monday grey jeans / H&M Trend black strappy heels
Whenever I have the day off, I love playing dress up. I try out lots of outfits and it feels great to throw on whatever I like without having to worry about the weather (my toes would freeze right off if I’d set foot outside like this). It’s also a big part of my prepping-for-a-party routine, and there’s a great one coming up! 
Danish high street brand VILA is opening a brand new store in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. It will be the first one in The Netherlands presenting the brand’s new lifestyle concept. Next to the collections of VILA, Selected Femme, Y.A.S. and Object, there will be a broad range of lifestyle items available. Think cool postcards and all kinds of accessories.
Wanna join me to the VIP opening tomorrow evening? Next to sippin’ drinks and having fun, you can also shop the complete collection with 30% off and you’ll receive a goodie bag! All you have to do is leave a comment with your name and email address below and I’ll make sure you (and your friend!) get a spot on the exclusive guest list. I’d love to see you there :)

Mysteryland 2014


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Yesterday, me and my boyfriend visited Mysteryland. One word: awesomeee! I got press tickets via Fashiolista, which was kinda cool ’cause we were allowed to go backstage and sip from the free booze.
In the first picture you see some of the stuff I took with me, my All Stars got really dirty and look totally cool now. I think I’ll keep ‘em this way ;). I’ve also made a little collage to give you guys an impression of my day:

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1. A random, cool looking skull / 2. Me sharing a coke with myself and I / 3. Disco time! / 4. Dirty dirty shoes / 5. The main stage / 6. Me and the bf having a good time / 7. Delicious cocktails / 8. Me in my simple-yet-cold-and-rainy-weather-resistant outfit / 9. Funny looking costumes

Tell me, have you been to a festival this summer? And what’s your favorite?

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First of all, excusez-moi for my absence the last two days. On Wednesday I had an amazing event to attend. I was invited by (my favorite!) blogger Yara from Chapterfriday.com, to join her and 19 other cool bloggers to the Colormehappy event. As a public speaker, Yara kicked off the day by giving an exclusive trend class, where she shared her ideas about the latest trends and some tips & tricks about blogging. After lunch, we spent our giftcards on some serious shopping at Designer Outlet Roermond, where the event took place.  I went straight to the Filippa K store and treated myself to some pretty basics. Scoreeee!
It honestly was a great day and I got to meet a bunch of cool, inspiring people. Thanks everyone! :)

My accessories of the day
Lovely Yara doing her thang
Yummy smoothies during lunch
I bought a basic white oversized shirt and a striped dress from Filippa K. Totally happy with both! The clutch and the awesome Vogue notebook are some of  the great goodies we got
All smiles (and huge designer bags ;)