5 x why sneakers are a great addition to your wardrobe

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From street style to runway, sneakers have truly worked their way up in the fashion industry. Nowadays, you can’t open a fashion magazine without spotting at least a couple of models dressed in the most feminine outfits… together with a pair of shiny kicks on their feet. Lots of bloggers seem to be fan, and I myself have to plead guilty on this one too. Though sneakers have always had a place in my wardrobe, I admit that I like them now more than ever. My current favorites are my classic white Converse and Nike’s. To expand my modest collection, I’d like to add a pair of retro grey New Balance to the party.

Five reasons why I think sneakers can be a great addition to any wardrobe:

[1.] They can add a casual and playful touch to your outfit. A suit mixed up with a pair of kicks? Hell yes!
[2.] They’re comfortable and easy to walk in. A quick run to catch a train or bus? Not a problem, at all!
[3.] Sneakers don’t need much breaking in. We all want to wear our new shoes immediately, preferably without the risk of sore feet.
[4.] Scuff or scratch? No worries, makes them look totally awesome. Especially works for All Stars.
[5.] Hello freedom! You don’t have to constantly worry about where you walk or damaging your shoes. You can go anywhere you want, no restraints.

What do you think about sneakers? 

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  1. Jaaaa. Ik heb alleen All Stars in wit en grijs en m’n Nikes zijn eigenlijk daadwerkelijk om op te sporten haha, maar ik wil nog een paar Air Max Thea’s dit najaar!

  2. a 100x yes to this- i absolutely LOVE them with fancier outfits. I think it can be hard to pull off sometimes, but when done right it looks so fun and interesting. I love all your reasons and totally agree 🙂

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. I hated the sneaker trend when it first started rearing it’s head and taking place in the fashion world. But funnily enough I incorporated them effortlessly, despite never really being a sneaker kind of girl to begin with. I can’t even imagine a world without them anymore. I can’t imagine them falling out of style again.


    • I agree, not all trends are for everyone. Though I think sneakers make any outfit look less glamorous, even on a tall model. And that’s exactly what I like about them! x

  4. Totally agree!
    I’e worn my jogging trainers out a few times, but haven’t bought an everyday trainer yet.
    Also, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog 🙂
    Bowtie Diary

  5. I LOVE sneakers. I’ve always been a fan of Nikes and have pairs from years past. My current favorite sneakers are my Nike Flyknits. They’re so comfy and incredibly stylish to wear!

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