Tips & Tricks: Blog photography + how I edit my pictures

I remember when I first started blogging (eight years ago) something as simple as a mirror shot would do. The mirrors were often dirty and sometimes you couldn’t even properly see the person wearing the outfit, but that was totally okay. As long as bloggers updated their blogs regularly, it was all good.
Nowadays, taking a good picture is much more than just saying cheese and randomly snapping away. What’s happening behind the lens has become just as important as what’s happening in front of it. Arrow

Hot or Not: The ankle-length coat

As we’re slowly but surely heading towards winter, a good coat becomes of great importance. We all know the woolen midi-length coats by now, which I don’t think will ever really go out of style. But the big sister is ready to take over, and she just so happens to be a couple of inches taller. Arrow