What I wore in 2014

As a blogger, one of the most fun things to do by the end of a year is rounding up what you previously wore. It immediately shows if and how your style has changed. I think my style has stayed pretty much the same over 2014, I would wear most of the outfits again. All of them have kind of a feminine feel, but always with some sort of edge or twist. And it’s healthcarewell pharmacy valtrex pretty clear what my all-time favorite wardrobe staple is: the striped tee 😉 Can’t ever have enough of those.
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1. January 2014
2. February 2014

3. March 2014

4. April 2014

5. May 2014

6. June 2014

7. July 2014

8. August 2014

9. September 2014

10. October 2014

11. November 2014

The first two photos of this post are from December 2014.

Do you have a favorite? 

Monday Inspiration

Images via Pinterest

Only a couple of days till Christmas! I can’t help but feel a little disappointed about the fact that we’re not gonna have a white Christmas here in The Netherlands though. I mean, I know that it is has become pretty rare nowadays, but since it was super cold a week or two ago, I kinda got my hopes up. It’s just so cozy when it snows during the holidays, don’t you think? 
Whereas everybody else is shopping for last minute Christmas gifts, I’ll be off hunting some interior goodies today. Afterwards I’m gonna meet up with my web designer, to work on the new blog. Can’t wait to show you guys the result when we’re finished with everything 🙂 
Happy holidays!

A new home, a new blog

As I told you, me and my boyfriend finally got ourselves a new apartment! We’re so happy and we cannot wait to start this new chapter. I’ve already been soaking up lots of interior inspiration (read: I spent way too many hours on Pinterest), and the coming weeks our schedules will be packed with interior shopping and the actual move.

We are not the only ones moving though… 

My blog is, too! From early January, I will leave my Blogspot blog and start blogging on my own .com address. I’ve been using Blogspot since the very first day I stepped in to the world of blogging, which was back in 2008. Now, after almost six years, it’s time to make some technical changes that suit a more professional approach for StylebyJules. 
The layout will get a bit of an update too, but the content stays merely the same. I’m always healthcarewell pharmacy klonopin open for suggestions, so if there’s anything you would like to see more of, or maybe completely different, please do let me know.
 Meanwhile, I’ll try to keep blogging as much as I can, though I might not be able to post every day and it will probably be a bit irregular. With the holidays, the blog change and me and my boyfriend moving, it will be quite a busy time for me. I hope you guys understand. It will all be worth it, I promise you you’re gonna like the new blog! 😉 I’m super excited to start the new year in a new home, blogging from a new blog. Let’s do this!
P.S. If you’re following me via Google Friend Connect, please switch to Bloglovin’, as I will only be able to keep my Bloglovin’ followers once my blog has moved. 

Something old, something new

8MM jumpsuit / Mango chain bag / old tan ankle boots [similar]
 A swift look at Alexander Wang’s Pre Fall ’15 collection immediately made me want to try out that jumpsuit + brownish boots look. Although I’ve been wearing a lot of black on my feet lately, I’ve always had a soft spot for shoes in earthy shades like nudes and tans. Luckily I still had an old tan pair lying around in the back of my closet, so I dusted them off and went for it.
They really brighten up the outfit, since I sticked to black and grey hues for the rest of the look. Also, I could’t resist adding just a touch of lace, to make the look a bit more feminine.



Monday Inspiration

Images via Pinterest

Excusez-moi for being a little MIA on my social channels and my blog for the last couple of days. Me and my boyfriend both have been quite busy, which resulted in opposite schedules and not nearly enough time to take all of the outfit photos I had been planning on. And then we have this weather issue, it seems like it just won’t stop raining. So annoying when you can’t work out all of the ideas you have in mind! 
There is some good news though: We finally managed to get ourselves a new apartment! I am so thrilled about that, because we’ve been looking for ages and we just didn’t have any luck up til now. We’ll get the keys very soon and I cannot wait to start decorating the place, I will keep you guys posted on that 🙂
Let’s make it a great week!

The coziest holiday knitwear

Next to dipping yourself in festive glitters and sequins, the holiday season is the time to wear cozy knits. Anything with cables, fair isle and intarsia patterns, snowflakes or even a slightly tacky red-nosed reindeer would do perfectly.
Although I am not really in to the last category, I do like myself some oversized knitwear to snuggle up in. The knits in the picture above are three of my current favorites. The one on top is from VILA, the one in the middle is from VILA too and the red cardigan is from H&M Trend.
Here’s a little selections of cozy items I’d love to add to my personal collection (because let’s be honest: one can never have too many knits ;):

1. Nelly fluffy cardigan / 2. Glamorous cable knit / 3. By Malene Birger mohair turtle neck / 4. Line navy cable knit / 5. Mint&Berry cream jumper / 6. VILA loop knit

Hot or Not: Flared Pants

Images via Pinterest
Rumor has it that our beloved skinny jeans are about to retire, and will make place for their flared sister. Now I can only speak for myself, but I am pretty sure that the skinnies in my closet will stay there a little while longer, I simply can’t imagine them being replaced by any other style.
 On the other hand though, last summer I did start to play around with wide legged trousers (palazzos) a bit, and now I’m really in to those. So maybe it’s about time I’d give flared pants a try, too. I tried on the knitted ones from Zara the other day, and I can’t stop thinking about them ever since. Might go back to take them with me! 
What do you think about flared pants? Hot or Not?