Wrapped in Wool (+ blog shop updated!)

Esprit blanket cardigan / Esprit grey drop waist dress [similar] / Mango chain bag [similar] / H&M black ankle boots
With temperatures around freezing points during daytime, it is definitely getting colder. I snuggled up in this cozy oversized woolen cardigan, which has some striking similarities to a blanket (now that really makes me want to wear it all the time ;).  I paired it with a grey drop waist dress, a pair of tights and my budget find of the year: these black ankle boots. 
P.S. I updated my blog shop! It took me a little while to snap everything, but I finally managed. Me and my boyfriend are planning on moving in to a new apartment in the near future, and I figured that would be the perfect time to start with a clean slate, wardrobe wise. Everything I am selling is new or good as new. Check it out here, and if you have any questions: drop a comment below or send me an email 🙂 

Black Friday, Black Suit

VILA blazer and pants / DAY Birger et Mikkelsen lace cami / Selected Femme bag / Nike Air Force One sneakers
I’m totally in to wearing suits lately, preferably spiced up with a pair of comfy sneakers. I simply love the playful contrast it creates, which is perfect for Fridays. Also, suits can provide a feeling of self confidence which gives you just that little extra boost to get things done before the weekend kicks in. Win-win!
Oh, and you guys probably know it’s Black Friday today, which only means one thing: Time for a serious shopping spree! Here are some of my favorite webshops + their offers:
1. ASOS – 20% off everything with code CYBERWKND20
2. TOPSHOP – up till 50% off
3. URBAN OUTFITTERS – up till 50% off with code BFDELIVERY
4. ATTERLY ROAD – up till 75% off
5. MY WARDROBE – Up to 60% off
6. FOREVER 21 – 30% off
7. RIVER ISLAND – 30% off
8. MANGO – 30% off
9. NELLY – 20% off
10. MISSGUIDED – 20% off with code CYBER20

Event: VILA Store opening Amsterdam

As I told you last week, Danish high street brand VILA has opened a brand new store in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. It is the first one in The Netherlands presenting the brand’s new lifestyle concept. Next to the collections of VILA, Selected Femme, Y.A.S. and Object, they’re selling lots of cool lifestyle items, from make up to postcards and pretty accessories. The card in the first picture is my absolute favorite, would love to give it a nice spot in my home! 
I attended the event that was hosted to celebrate the opening, and believe me: the store is beautiful. It’s really light and soft for your eyes, I personally always hate it when a store has a loud interior. It has a kind of homey atmosphere, with a typical Scandinavian vibe. If you’re ever around, go check it out yourselves! 🙂

P.S. I would like to thank those of you who dropped by at the event, it was super cool meeting you guys! 

Good old stripes

H&M bomber jacket / H&M striped dress [similar] / Nelson leather boots [similar]

I’ve been trying to get rid of this dress for a long time (because it’s super old and it slightly starts to show), yet it seems to find its way back to my closet every time. You could say that I can’t really move away from it. The fact that I haven’t found the perfect substitute yet, doesn’t really help either. They’re always too long or just a bit too short, and therefore can’t compete with this (t)rusty striped number.
Since it looks like were gonna be together for a little while longer, I figured I’d better make the best of it and wear it again. I threw over my favorite bomber jacket (found at the men’s department!) and put on my ankle boots. Oh, and a pair of tights. Opaque season has officially opened!


Monday Inspiration

Images  via Pinterest

And just when you’re starting to get used to the weekend, the alarm sets in and you know it: It’s Monday (again!). I’ve been crazy busy last week, which resulted in less posts for StylebyJules than I initially intended, so I hope to make it up to you this week. Let’s start with this fresh bunch of inspiration, which always gives me a little push in the right direction. Have a great week! 

Mixing fabrics

Notion 1.3 quilted pants / Guess leather slingbacks / H&M Trend grey knit / VILA lace blouse
Delicate lace, cozy mohair and (quilted) leather: it’s all there. I’ve said it before, but I really do think it’s nice to create a contrast in fabrics if your outfit appears simple at first sight. This way you can give it just that little extra. The lace blouse I’m wearing truly is a new wardrobe treasure, because it’s not only a very good looking piece, it also works great for layering. I love that collar peeking out a little! 
What’s your current wardrobe treasure?

Leather & Fringes

Modemusthaves fringe knit [similar] / Mango leather skirt / H&M ankle boots [similar]
When I woke up this morning and took a swift look outside the window, I saw things were looking suspiciously white and frosty. It could only mean one thing: temperatures dropped below freezing points during the night. Brrr! Good thing I just stocked up on some super cozy knits, among them this fringed friend I am wearing in the pictures. It’s quite oversized, which makes it perfect for layering. I wore it with a leather skirt, black opaques and black textured ankle boots. Simple, yet effective! Happy Friday 🙂

10 x fashion rules I love to break

When it comes to fashion, rules were meant to be broken. Nobody ever really knows who even made these rules, they’re just a bunch of style myths. Besides, if fashion was restricted to rules, we would never be able to do something unexpected and probably look merely the same as everyone else. Fashion would be boring. Quelle horreur! 

These are my favorite rules to break:

[1.] Gold and silver can’t be mixed together
Lately, I’ve been really into mixing jewelry, especially tiny rings or dainty necklaces.

[2.] Black and navy clash
I wear it all the time, in the picture above I paired a navy dress with a black bag.

[3.] No peep toes with stockings
It’s obviously not gonna keep you nice and warm, but a peep toe in winter worn with stockings can sometimes look really nice. I just bought a pair which are quite appropriate to wear during fall and winter, because of the materials and colors used. I’ll show them to you soon!

[4.] No white in winter
A fuzzy creamy white jumper or jacket? Hell yes! White can totally be worn in winter and give your look a cozy touch. Just make sure you opt for the right fabrics.

[5.] A bra can’t be visible
I love a bit of bra flashing now and then, as long as it doesn’t look trashy.

[6.] Faux fur looks cheap
I would never wear real fur, no matter how “rich” it looks. Cheap faux fur for the win!

[7.] Oversized on oversized makes you look bigger
Wrong! Sometimes oversized outfits can even make you look slimmer, when worn right.

[8.] A bag should match your shoes

[9.] No mixing prints
We’ve all seen how awesome print mixing can be, as it was a huge trend during summer.

[10.] Horizontal stripes make you look bigger
Wrong again! If you really do feel like they make you bigger, add a jacket so that the striped area is reduced.

What fashion rule do you love to break?

Come party with me and VILA

Valentine Gauthier pour VILA woolen coat / H&M Trend striped top / Cheap Monday grey jeans / H&M Trend black strappy heels
Whenever I have the day off, I love playing dress up. I try out lots of outfits and it feels great to throw on whatever I like without having to worry about the weather (my toes would freeze right off if I’d set foot outside like this). It’s also a big part of my prepping-for-a-party routine, and there’s a great one coming up! 
Danish high street brand VILA is opening a brand new store in the Kalverstraat in Amsterdam. It will be the first one in The Netherlands presenting the brand’s new lifestyle concept. Next to the collections of VILA, Selected Femme, Y.A.S. and Object, there will be a broad range of lifestyle items available. Think cool postcards and all kinds of accessories.
Wanna join me to the VIP opening tomorrow evening? Next to sippin’ drinks and having fun, you can also shop the complete collection with 30% off and you’ll receive a goodie bag! All you have to do is leave a comment with your name and email address below and I’ll make sure you (and your friend!) get a spot on the exclusive guest list. I’d love to see you there 🙂

Monday Inspiration

Images via Pinterest

Gooood morning! Is it me, or has one week suddenly got multiple Mondays? It really feels weird that a whole week flew by again. I was just starting to get used to the weekend… 😉
Anyway, a new week is here and that also means a few exciting things coming up. One of them involves you guys and one of my favorite brands. I will tell you more about that tomorrow, so stay tuned 😉