The Basics

I’ve said it before, but I honestly think good basics are key. I see them as the foundation my wardrobe content is build on. The pictures above show some of my personal basics, although the list is not entirely complete yet. I’m still looking for a pair of skinny leather pants, but they seem to be quite hard to find…

Teddy coat: Lindex [similar] / Charcoal mohair jumper: H&M Trend / Grey mohair cardigan: H&M Trend [similar] / White shirt: Filippa K / Straight leg jeans: Dr Denim / Bag: Selected Femme / Scarf: Missguided / Ankle boots: H&M [similar]

If you’d like to get some tips & tricks on how basics can help you define your personal style, check out this post!

What are your favorite basics? 

How to wear plaid: 5 x unexpected combos that work

Image via Pinterest

Though you can never really go wrong with a plaid scarf and a leather jacket, there are many more ways to mix and match this pattern of the season. Read more if you’re ready to step up your plaid game!

[1.] Plaid, Plaid double Plaid
Mixing two different plaid patterns together may sound a bit over the top, but it doesn’t have to be if you don’t want to. It can be as simple as wearing a scarf with two different sides, as the one in the picture above. Whenever you opt for multiple plaid, keep the rest of your outfit clean.

[2.] Plaid + Leopard
A bold ensemble, which can easily create a very loud look. If you want to go for a more subtle version, you could try to use a muted color scheme. I posted a similar look here.

[3.] Suit up
This is one of the coolest plaid looks in my opinion: the suit. I personally really love the outfit in the collage below, the suit and printed sunnies look great together.  To keep people’s eyes from hurting when they look at you, add a basic shirt or tee.

[4.] Plaid + Plastic
A personal favorite: mixing plaid with plastic details, such as perspex heels. I did the same here.

[5.] Plaid + Sporty
An oversized plaid coat with a pair of fresh kicks, or plaid trousers mixed with a sporty sweater: the possibilities are endless. Mix and match to find out what works for you!

How do you wear plaid?

Playing around in my new dress

Dress: VILA
I am completely aware of the fact that it is only Wednesday, but acting like it’s Friday night by playing around in my new dress suddenly felt like the perfect plan. It has a slightly glittery texture, which secretly gets me in the mood for Christmas and NYE already. Now I know that seems still very far off, but when you come to think of it: it’s just two months. And the hunt for the perfect party outfit can never start early enough, right? 😉

Monday Inspiration

Images via Pinterest

It’s definitely getting colder by now, and that makes me want to get cozy. Reading my favorite magazines wrapped in a soft blanket while sipping tea, finally being able to start wearing my wintercoats and boots … Perhaps it is not that bad after all. At the same time, I really feel the urge to travel. Discover a new place and soak up some energy. I’m thinking a city trip. Not sure yet where to, though! Have you got any recommendations? 

Plaid & Leopard

Trousers: Esprit / Coat: VILA / Shoes: Manfield / Sweater: Selected Femme [similar]
Last week, it was finally cold enough to wear one of my new favorites: this plaid coat. It has a biker style zipper, which gives the coat kind of an A-line shape when worn open. I paired it with leopard trousers, creating a subtle contrast in patterns. I was a bit tired of wearing heels all the time, so I went for a more comfortable option and put on my pointy loafers. Simple, but efficient! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂 

10 x typical blogger problems

I occasionally encounter problems that probably only bloggers would have. Stupid little things, that you may recognize if you have a blog yourself. Quickly hit the ‘read more’ button to read 10 of ’em!

[1.] Taking pictures in public stays awkward in a way. No matter how many times you did it before.

[2.] The lack of daylight, which is starting to set in as we speak. Because you simply cannot get any good photos when it’s too dark.

[3.] You’ve just edited all of your pictures, arranged and uploaded them and then… You keep typing- and erasing. Writer’s block, BIG time.

[4.] Moving all of your furniture because you REALLY want to take some pictures with that brick white wall in your living room as a backdrop.

[5.] Changing in the car because you need to shoot multiple outfits in just mentalhealthdrugs wellbutrin half an hour.

[6.] The bastard called Coding. You think you’ve mastered it, and then you notice that your pin button shows up next to your photos instead of in it. How is that even possible?

[7.] Picking one good close-up out of all the 50 photos you have. One that doesn’t show that label peeking out from your shirt.

[8.] Internet down = panic.

[9.] When your newest post doesn’t have any comments after a couple of hours. *Keeps refreshing browser.* This doesn’t feel right.

[10.] Your hair and outfit look perfect and you’re good to shoot some photos. As soon as you’ve set foot outside, you look more like Cousin It having a bad hair day. Thanks, friggin’ wind.

Do you recognize any of these points? What else would you add? Let me know in a comment below! 🙂

Fall Blues

Shirt: H&M [similar] / Jeans: H&M [similar] / Heels: Guess
What I truly like about jeans, is the fact that you can wear them all year round. Okay, maybe I won’t be able to wear this exact pair when it’s freezing, but you know what I mean. They just work  for so many occasions and I don’t think I will ever stop wearing them. Since it was over 20 degrees °C the day we took these photo’s, I kept the look very simple. I only added a loose white shirt and black sling backs, and let the jeans do the talkin’. 
Are you a fan of jeans? 

Exclusive Interview: Valentine Gauthier (+ tips on how to be a Parisienne ;)

As a style Ambassador for VILA, I get to see quite some cool stuff before the big audience does and I love sharing that privilege with you guys. This interview was held a little while back, and is all about the collection Valentine designed for VILA’s 20th anniversary. You can read it exclusively on my blog, how awesome is that?! Here you go:

Valentine Gauthier is a Paris-based designer. She is French (red-lipped and high-heeled), 34 years old, and lives with her four-year-old son in Le Marais, where she also has her design studio and her concept boutique. 

Was it difficult to work together with a Europe-wide brand like VILA?

No, it was not hard at all. There are many similarities. We both design for feminine young women who actively take part in life, who want to have fun and who want to express themselves through fashion. We both
design contemporary fashion, so the match has actually been perfect.

“I always ask myself: why does this appeal to me? 

I look for the reason”

You are known for high-end materials, whereas VILA provides as much quality as possible within a high-street price range. How did you meet in the middle?

Actually, we did not need to compromise. The materials are the same as those within my own brand’s collection. There will be pieces in a lovely 100% silk material as well as a woollen coat. VILA gave me freedom to
decide; they have a great buying department and a good network of suppliers, so customers will actually get
higher quality at a lower price. 

What gave you inspiration for the design?

I work all the time. My mind works all the time, and I have ideas all the time. It is an ongoing process. I find inspiration all around me, but mainly within art and architecture. When I see an image or a photograph, some
architecture or art, I process it, and it becomes something new. I always ask myself: why does this
appeal to me? I look for the reason. I try to find the answer to give me a new form I can use in my designs. So
I can’t give you a specific reference for this collection – it is more like a feeling of autumn in the city. 

How do you decide on colours?

I really love working with colours and prints. I want mentalhealthdrugs ambien them to stand out and add that extra something to my
collections. Prints need to match skin tones, so for this collection I worked with a dark organic print on one hand, and a sparkling flowery one on the other. You can find references to animal print and flowers, but
mainly I’d like them to be beautiful, to stand out and to be unique. The colours came naturally. I had a meeting with Ida from VILA where, based on our gut feeling, we decided on what really did inspire us, and also
on what felt right both for the customers I know and for VILA’s fans. I wanted the prints and colours to be a
bit toned down, subdued, subtle, and to give that autumnal feeling of calm. 

What was difficult about the collection?

It was hard to limit ourselves to 10 pieces. That is not a lot once the ideas start flowing, so it was a challenge. I
wanted the collection to be complete, like a wardrobe in itself. Like, for instance, if you buy every single piece
of the collection, you will not need anything else this autumn. Working with masculine fabrics and contrasting them with a feminine shape, whilst breaking it all up with prints, makes femininity meet casual in a very
elegant way, I think. 

“I think I do know what Parisienne young women want: 

we want to be able to go out at night in the same outfit we went to work in”

Speaking of femininity – how come Paris feels so present in your design?

I think I do know what Parisienne young women want: we want to be able to go out at night in the same outfit
we went to work in. We want red lips and high heels in the evening, and I think what you learn about fashion
in Paris is that clothes should always be of service to you. They shouldn’t complicate your life, but make it easy and more fun. What you should also know is that the Parisienne is a cultured woman. She knows
what is going on in galleries, in literature and in music. We work a lot, and we do not stop working when we
have children, so we demand a lot from the fashion we adore. 

On repeat: All grey

Dress: Esprit / Cardigan: H&M Trend [similar] / Boots: H&M Trend [similar] Hat: H&M
I don’t really know why, but somehow I’m really into all grey outfits lately. It’s probably a bit like a fall equivalent to the summery all white, and less harsh as all black. Think it might have something to do with that. Whenever I mix two or more items in the same color, I try to work with different textures, which kind of makes up for the lack of variety in shades. 
Do you like all grey? 

Monday Inspiration (+ how to beat the Monday blues!)

Images via Pinterest

Okay, so here’s the thing. We all kinda hate Mondays. And I think there’s not really a cure either. With these tips though, there is a chance that you’re gonna hate Mondays less. Just a bit, but less. 
[1.] Start the day with your favorite breakfast.Treat yourself a little. Morning, cocopuffs! 
[2.] Try to get a good night’s sleep. Oversleeping on Monday morning makes the day even worse. 
[3.] Work out! Work outs are the best method to start your day with. It can be something really simple, like a walk around the neighborhood. It instantly fills you with positive energy, and that’s exactly what you’ll be needing. 
[4.] Plan something nice to do in the evening. Like going the movies or cooking with friends. It gives you something to look forward to.
[5.] Start the day with positive thoughts. If you feel happy, you’ll realize that Mondays ain’t got nothing on you! 
Good luck! 🙂