Where seasons meet

Skirt: H&M Trend / Jumper: Selected Femme / Heels: Zara
Though I bought this skirt back in early summer, it has a color that works for fall, too. So I decided to wear it again, this time with an oversized navy knit to dress it down and make it more suitable for lower temperatures. We still can’t really complain about the weather, it’s actually quite warm for this time of the year. I secretly wouldn’t mind it if it would get a little colder, cause then I’ll be able to wear my new teddy coat I recently bought… Keep you posted on that one!

Monday Inspiration

Images via Pinterest

Oh my, would you look at those three little kittens? Instantly brightens up my day! As long as I would like to stare at them for a little while longer (and wish wish wish they’d magically appear right here in the room), it is Monday again and that means there’s work to be done. I’ll be off for a morning run, so I can get started fresh and full of energy afterwards. Have a great week!

My must have accessories this fall

Over the past years I’ve come to learn that adjusting your wardrobe to a new season is not just about clothes and shoes, accessories are just as important. In fact, if you choose well, it might even save you some cash. Feel like you’ve got nothing to wear? Instead of hopping behind your laptop clicking home new clothes (I know, it’s just too easy!), you could try and make new combinations by adding accessories. These are some of my favorites this fall:

[1.] Hat
A woolen fedora is not only very stylish, it actually protects your head against cold. Only problem here in the Netherlands is the wind, which will blow it right off if you’re not careful.

[2.] Checked scarf
Whenever I don’t feel like wearing coats yet, I often go for a big, oversized scarf. I’m currently on the hunt for a scarf with a cozy plaid pattern.

[3.] Cross body bag
My quilted cross body bag is pretty much glued to my shoulder. I take it with me whenever I can. Would love to add another one, so I can vary a bit more.

[4.] Sunglasses
Come rain or shine, sunnies do just fine! I wouldn’t really wear them when it’s pouring of course, but a pair of shades can always brighten up your outfit, no matter what season it is.

[5.] Lipstick & nail polish in a darker tone
A basic outfit can easily be upgraded by adding a pretty lip- or nail color. For fall I’m really in to dark(er) red shades.

[6.] Dainty jewelry
I especially like tiny necklaces and stacked little rings. I am not much of a “bling bling” kinda girl, but adding some subtle jewelry can work miracles on some outfits.

What are your favorite accessories? 

Oversized on Oversized

Jeans: H&M / Sweater: H&M Spring collection / Nude leather heels: Aldo

Though I haven’t worn jeans a lot lately , this pair truly belongs on my favorites list. They make a great item to add a tough touch to your look. Besides, jeans always have kind of a cool factor, anyway. I’m wearing my straight fit boyfriend jeans with an oversized, slightly cropped jumper. Although oversized on oversized is often considered a fashion faux pas, I kinda like it. Especially when worn with über feminine heels, for some balance. Outfit-wise that is, I know high heels can really mess with your centre of gravity 😉


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Plastic, Plaid & Leather

Jacket: VILA / Skirt: ASOS / Tee: Zara / Shoes: Nelly
Somehow, I am all over mixing plaid with plastic details. There’s just something about that combination that makes my heart beat a little faster. Probably because they’re so different: cozy plaid and cold, hard plastic. I am wearing the skirt in the picture with my perspex strapped heels, a grey tee and a leather jacket. A simple look with playful contrasts, just the way I like it! 

Season favorite: Knits

Knits, what’s not to love? They’re super soft, cozy and warm, which makes them perfect to snuggle up in on chilly fall days. Only one negative side effect I can come up with: they’re taking up a lot of space in my wardrobe. Or is that just a sign that I own too many?

I recently bought the one I am wearing in the picture above, and now I am on the hunt for a more neutral shade. Below you’ll find a selection that caught my attention, varying in both fabric and price.  I can’t stop thinking about the one from By Malene Birger (4). Although the price tag is a bit hefty, I might cave…

What’s your favorite? 

1. VILA / 2. Sally & Circle / 3. Carin Wester / 4. By Malene Birger / 5. Nelly Trend / 6. Samsøe Samsøe

Monday Inspiration

Images via Pinterest

Yesterday was the first official day of fall, and the weather makes sure we know it. It has been raining (no, pouring!) all morning and the wind is blowing in full force. Obviously one of the down sides to this new season. On the other hand though, it gives us the opportunity to drink hot tea all day and wear our fluffy new items. That’s not too bad, is it? Have a great week! 

5 x why sneakers are a great addition to your wardrobe


From street style to runway, sneakers have truly worked their way up in the fashion industry. Nowadays, you can’t open a fashion magazine without spotting at least a couple of models dressed in the most feminine outfits… together with a pair of shiny kicks on their feet. Lots of bloggers seem to be fan, and I myself have to plead guilty on this one too. Though sneakers have always had a place in my wardrobe, I admit that I like them now more than ever. My current favorites are my classic white Converse and Nike’s. To expand my modest collection, I’d like to add a pair of retro grey New Balance to the party.

Five reasons why I think sneakers can be a great addition to any wardrobe:

[1.] They can add a casual and playful touch to your outfit. A suit mixed up with a pair of kicks? Hell yes!
[2.] They’re comfortable and easy to walk in. A quick run to catch a train or bus? Not a problem, at all!
[3.] Sneakers don’t need much breaking in. We all want to wear our new shoes immediately, preferably without the risk of sore feet.
[4.] Scuff or scratch? No worries, makes them look totally awesome. Especially works for All Stars.
[5.] Hello freedom! You don’t have to constantly worry about where you walk or damaging your shoes. You can go anywhere you want, no restraints.

What do you think about sneakers? 



All Grey

Sweater: Only / Skirt: Selected Femme / Heels: Zara 
This is one of my favorite kind of outfits: super comfy (well, except for the heels 😉 without looking shabby. Yay for stretchy pencil skirts! Contrary to my outfit, the weather hasn’t been grey at all the last couple of days. It got to a whopping 26 degrees yesterday, so I moved my new woolen jumpers to the back of my closet and went for a lightweight knitted sweater and a skirt. Today is probably going to be the last sunny day, so I am putting my laptop away to fully enjoy the weather. Hope you’ll have a great weekend too!