How to define your personal style #4: Play up your best features

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If you wear an outfit that brings out your best assets, you’ll be sure to look fabulous, period. Regardless of what’s currently en vogue, nothing will give you (and your look!) a boost like a bit of self confidence. Have you got legs for days? Or a super flat tummy? Work it, girl!

[1.]Long legs
If you have a pair of endless pins and you want to show them off;
Do: cigarette trousers, mini skirts, t-shirt dresses, a line dresses, shorts, heels, oversized top + skinny trousers. To be honest, you can pull off almost anything! I’m jealous.
By the way, it’s a mistake to think that short girls can’t have long legs. It’s all about proportions!


[2.] Flat tummy
Are you blessed with a super flat tummy, or is your work in the gym starting to show? mentalhealthdrugs phentermine That’s something you should really be proud of.
Do: crop tops, high waisted skirts and trousers, sheer fabrics. Anything that shows a bit of your six-pack can look fab, as long as you don’t overdo it. If you opt for a sheer blouse or a crop top, make sure to wear a classic skirt or a pair of long trousers to go with it.


[3.] Hourglass shape
With your tiny waist and curvy body, you can totally rock the feminine look.
Do: pencil skirts, body con dresses, a line skirts, crop tops, high waisted skirts and trousers, co-ords. Anything that accentuates your waist will look fabulous.


What about you, do you try to dress to your body type? 

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Walking on clouds

Jumpsuit : H&M [similar] / Bag: Mango [similar] / Shoes: Nike AF1 / Sunnies: Zara
Though my first intention was to wear this jumpsuit with a pair of heels, I ended up wearing my new nike trainers. I just can’t seem to kick them off anymore, they’re like soft white little clouds for my feet to walk on. Besides, I kinda like the mix. It might be somewhat unexpected, but that’s exactly what makes an outfit more interesting, isn’t it? To top it off, I added a red lip and my favorite bag. Hope you like it! 

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Hashtag Blogger Problems

Dress: Esprit / Faux fur: Costes / Bag: Mango [similar] / Leather boots: H&M [similar]
First things first: I need to seriously stop touching my hair all the time! It looks like it’s become a slight obsession of mine, in the last three outfit posts I do the exact same. How about that for a hashtag blogger problem! 😉
Talking about obsessions, I’ve been wearing these cut out boots a lot lately. They just seem to be the perfect transitional footwear: Able to handle a shower or two whilst showing off some extra skin. True bad weather sandals, if you will. I paired them with my new (sale!) dress and a furry green vest to keep me warm. Luckily I won’t be needing it for long, temperatures seem to be rising again next week, yay! 

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Fall Wish List

Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of summer.  It’s just with fall coming closer, I can’t help but feeling some kind of excitement for the new collections and all the cozy knitwear that comes along with it. Bundling up in a warm knit is really one of the benefits of colder days in my opinion. No surprise that I’ve been drooling over this Zara jumper (corner left) ever since I saw it online. It looks so fluffy (I’m gonna die! ;). What else is on the list?

From left to right: Mango leather pants / Vila hairy pencil skirt / H&M stacked rings / Essie Bordeaux nail polish / Filippa K bomber jacket / Zara jumper / Guess sling backs / Catarzi via Asos fedora


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Quilted Nude

Dress: VILA / Shoes: H&M [similar
What to do when you still want to wear a dress, even though it’s kinda cold? Be stubborn. And maybe try this. Luckily, this nude dress I’m wearing is made from a thick, quilted fabric and has long sleeves, which makes it a lot more suitable for this type of weather. And by that I mean terrible weather, it’s far too cold for this time of the year. Okay, enough with the complaining already. On the bright side, bad weather makes the perfect excuse for some hot coco! 

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Monday Inspiration

Images via Pinterest

Good morning! Hope you all had a nice weekend? I went to Mysteryland on Saturday, which was lots of fun. You can read all about it in my previous post. What have you been up to?
The next week is going to be all about blogging. There was a little shortage of outfits the last week, but I’ll make it up to you guys. I’ll be shooting some tonight, so if everything goes as planned, the first one should be on the blog by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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Mysteryland 2014

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend visited Mysteryland. One word: awesomeee! I got press tickets via Fashiolista, which was kinda cool ’cause we were allowed to go backstage and sip from the free booze.
In the first picture you see some of the stuff I took with me, my All Stars got really dirty and look totally cool now. I think I’ll keep ’em this way ;). I’ve also made a little collage to give you guys an impression of my day:

1. A random, cool looking skull / 2. Me sharing a coke with myself and I / 3. Disco time! / 4. Dirty dirty shoes / 5. The main stage / 6. Me and the bf having a good time / 7. Delicious cocktails / 8. Me in my simple-yet-cold-and-rainy-weather-resistant outfit / 9. Funny looking costumes

Tell me, have you been to a festival this summer? And what’s your favorite?

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5 x how to rock your summer look this fall


Transitional weather can be quite a pain in the butt. Trust me, with the pre-autumnal weather we’re currently experiencing in the Netherlands, I know all about it. There are a few tricks to keep on wearing your summer looks though.

[1.] Layering
Layering is key if you want to be able to still wear that dress. You can throw over almost anything, from a coat to a sweater. If you’d like an example of the last one, have a look at how I styled my summer dress on a colder day here.
You don’t always have to throw something over though. Try wearing something beneath, such as a shirt under a strapless (bustier) dress or top.

[2.] Keep on croppin’
Want to be able to wear your crop top even in fall? It’s possible. Mix it with high waisted pants or a skirt, so that you’re not showing your whole tummy but just a flare. Still too cold? Layer it up!

[3]. Sneakers
Don’t feel like wearing boots yet? Grab a pair of sneakers. I just got myself a new pair, which will be perfect for autumn. I intentionally wanted to buy new All Stars, but since they’re made of fabric, I decided to buy a pair of leather sneakers instead. Leather is of course much more fall resistent.
When it’s not yet too cold, you could wear your sneakers with a cute summer dress for a cool contrast.

[4.] Wear a dress over your pants
I know, this might sound horrible, but do try it out. I’m sure you’ll find a combination that you love. For example, I have this longline button down shirtdress, which looks really nice worn open over a pair of jeans together with a knit. For inspiration, type in ‘dress over pants’ or something similar on Pinterest.

[5.] Bring out the (faux!) fur
Who says you can’t wear a faux fur jacket with summery styles? I love wearing my fluffy jackets with denim shorts for example. Pair it with some ankle boots and you’ll have a perfect transitional outfit.  Just look at them as the new cardigans!

Tell me, how do you transition your look into fall? 



In between seasons

Jacket: VILA / Shorts: Vintage Levi’s / Boots: H&M [similar]

Argh, I’ve been meaning to show you guys an outfit on Saturday already, but it had been raining all week. Pouring really, which made it impossible to shoot outfits earlier. Yesterday, the sun showed its face again and I got so excited that I decided to wear shorts. While we still can, I thought. Well, that was not quite the best decision ever, since it was still super cold. Luckily I got this soft leopard jacket to keep me warm! Fingers crossed for better weather next week, I am kinda tired of these cold and gloomy days. What’s the weather like in your country?


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Shop My Closet

Image via Pinterest

As I am currently busy limiting my wardrobe content (it kinda looks like something in the picture above now, seriously!), leaving only those things I absolutely love and will love for seasons to come, a lot has to go. Some of it will end up at second hand stores, but most items (the good stuff!) is ready for you to shop.

I’ve added a lot of goodies to my tic tail shop, which you can find right here. To give you a little preview, I am selling a fluffy grey longline cardigan, two trench coats, a striped mohair jumper, a pair of leopard trousers and a lot more, all against bargain prices. If you have any questions, you can ask them in a comment below this post and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Hope you’ll find something nice!

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