The Dress

Dress: Only 
Voilà, as promised: this is the dress I was wearing during my birthday party. Since we stayed on the boat, I kept the look pretty simple. I wore my flat sandals and a couple of stacked rings and I was good to go. I didn’t do anything with my hair, because the wind had been playing with it all day and I couldn’t really fix it… so I took the beach ‘do for granted ;). 
Enjoy your day!

Best buys July

Though I haven’t been shopping much, I did manage to pick up some sale goodies. To prevent myself from splurging, I’ve set up some sale rules and I pretty much sticked to it. Hurray, mission accomplished! Here’s the catch (from left to right):

White oversized knit: Selected Femme / Water bottle: Modemusthaves / Heels: Zara / Sunnies: AJ Morgan [similar] / Rings: H&M [similar] / Book: A memoir – Grace Coddington

Did you get yourself any sale treats? 

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July Evenings

Cardigan: VILA / Shorts: Vintage Levi’s 501 / Tee: H&M [similar] / Sandals: H&M [similar] / Glasses: AJ Morgan [similar] / Bag: Mango [similar]
You’d probably expected a Monday Inspiration post today, but since I didn’t post much last week (find out why), I figured it might be a good idea to do something else. Otherwise the inspiration posts would be too much on top of each other, and I don’t want them to bore you of course. 
So, this is what I was wearing yesterday. In the evening it got quite a bit colder and I love wrapping up in something cozy when that happens. A big yay for the longline cardigan! 
Ps. updates will be back to normal from this week on 🙂

How to define your personal style #2: Mood boards

Image via Pinterest

First of all, thank you so much for all your birthday wishes! So kind of you, it really means a lot.

Second: sorry for my sudden absence the last couple of days. As a birthday surprise, my family and boyfriend planned a few days on our boat. It was really nice, we went sailing and the weather couldn’t have been any more beautiful. Downside of the story was that I didn’t have time to plan any blog content beforehand and I couldn’t post anything while we were there, as there was no Internet. Although I have to admit that it felt kinda good to not be clinched to my iPhone or laptop all day!

Back to today’s blog topic. The first post was about basics, this time it is all about creating mood boards. In my opinion, mood boards can be really helpful to figure out what your style is. I’m creating lots of them, take my Monday Inspiration posts for example. I love collecting inspiring images anyway, and putting them together usually exposes some kind of theme. These steps might work for you, too:

[1] Collect all kinds of images you like
This is a really fun and simple part, just browse the Internet or flick through a pile of magazines and collect everything you like. It can be ready-to-wear items, like a pair of shoes, but also the more abstract things, like colors and fabrics.

[2] Put them together
Get crafty and create that mood board! It can be virtual – you could use Tumblr or Pinterest for example – or try it the “old skool” way and use a large piece of cardboard. The last option might be useful to get things more concrete.

[3] Have a closer look
Now, scout your mood board for any patterns. Look closely and try to find out what style it is you’re attracted to. Write down some words that come to mind while reflecting on your mood board. Perhaps there’s a color you used a lot, or a pattern. It doesn’t have to come down to one style of course, it can be a mix of different styles, most of the time that mix is what makes your style personal.

[4] Use it
Use the information your mood boards are providing you with. For example when you’re going shopping, or when putting together an outfit. I always like creating moodboards for every new season, to see what trends I’m attracted to and which I most likely want to skip.

Have fun creating your mood boards!

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It’s my birthday!

Top: VILA / Trousers: Forever 21 [similar] / Heels: Mango [similar] / Sunnies: AJ Morgan 

Although I’m turning 23 today, I still get excited as a kid when it’s my birthday. To be honest, I start counting down at least a week before the actual date. Today it’s finally time to celebrate, which explains the smiles and weird pose in the pictures, haha!
The outfit I am wearing is the one from yesterday. I was planning on showing you the dress I want to wear today, but it’s not here yet. I promise I’ll post pictures with my bday dress as soon as possible. Now, time for cake! Who wants a piece? 😉

Print Mixing

Tee: Only [similar] / Necklace: H&M / Skirt: Zara [similar] / Bag: Zara [similar] / Shoes: Nelly
I’ve done a subtle version before, now it was time to try it out on a larger scale. I’m mixing my striped pencil skirt with a snake print clutch. If you’re going for print mixing for the first time and you don’t want it to be all too bold, try using a print you’re already familiar with. Preferably a “neutral” print, such as a stripe or a dot (without too much color). For me that choice was obvious: stripes! I’ve added a green tee to hold to color scheme together and I was good to go. 

Hot or Not: Fringes


Images via Tumblr / Pinterest

Fringes, you either hate ’em or you love ’em. Although often associated with the western scene, they can be worn without feeling dressed up as a cowboy too. Actually, it can look quite chique. Think those pretty dresses from the roaring 20’s, total babe material.

Nowadays, fringes are not only on dresses or suede jackets, they are EVERYWHERE. Shoes, bracelets, bags… you name it. I for one do like a fringe here and there, but the big question is: what do you think? Hot or Not?


The white shirt

Shirt: Filippa K / Shorts: Vintage Levi’s 501 / Sandals: H&M [similar] / Bag: Mango [similar]

Speaking about basics, this oversized cotton shirt in cripsy white definitely belongs to my favorites at the moment. It’s so easy to wear, and that’s exactly what I am going for during hot and sunny days. Pure fabrics, oversized shapes and light colors are basically my holy grail in the summer.
I’ve paired the shirt with my vintage Levi’s cutoffs, my favorite black bag and flat sandals. To spice it up a little, I’ve added a red lip.
What do you prefer wearing when it’s hot out?  

How to define your personal style #1: Basics

Image via Pinterest

Welcome to a new, weekly appearing topic on Style by Jules: “How to define your personal style“. I’ve been brainstorming about ways to add more personality to my blog. Besides that, I always like reading posts on other blogs that share practical information. So, I’ve come up with this new section, in which I will provide you with easy tips & tricks on how to define your personal style. Today’s subject? Basics!

When it comes to creating or defining your personal style, it is inevitable to start from the bottom. It’s all about basics, baby! Basics can literally be seen as the foundation your wardrobe content is built from. Therefore it’s important that you pick these items wisely. Hopefully the following tips will help you find your personal key items.

[1] Raid your closet
What basics can already be found hiding in your closet? Gather them and spread them out somewhere, on your bed for instance. Have a good look and think about why you consider them basics.

[2] Do you actually wear them?
After you’ve carefully decided on your basics, it’s time to ask yourself the big Question. Do you really wear them all? Perhaps you could divide them in to piles: one for stuff you do wear and one for the things that don’t get much wear. Put away the last pile for a while and see if you miss any of them. If you don’t, leave them out permanently.

[3] Don’t be fooled by “must have” basics
Basics can be different for everyone really, that’s the reason you have to start by looking at your own wardrobe. Every now and then you’ll come across an article that sums up some investment pieces everyone should have, but don’t solely rely on those. What basics work for you is really a personal matter.

[4] Basics should be timeless
If you’re planning on buying some new basics make sure they’re timeless and will last quite a while. Always go for quality above quantity.

[5] Underline your best assets
Basics are a great way to underline your best assets. If you have an hourglass figure, you could try investing in basic pencil skirts that will show off your figure brilliantly. But in the first place, choose basics that you like and feel totally comfortable in. Otherwise, they will end up in pile number two and that would be a waste.

What are your best basics?