Interior DIY: Hanging Vases

What better to do during a free weekend in spring than upgrade your home interior? Or exterior, of course. I came across this super cute hanging vase idea, which I just had to share with you guys. I find most decoration DIY’s rather difficult, but this one seems pretty simple! You only need some jars, a rope and hooks to put it up. I think I am going to try this one out with some colored peonies. Let me know if you’re going to try it, too!

P.S. I just updated my shop again, added new stuff and reduced some prices! Check it out 🙂

Image: Pinterest


As soon as spring arrives, I tend to get fed up with jeans and all other full length pants. Whereas walking around bare legged every day might be a bit overdone, a longer length skirt seems just right. The skirt I am wearing in these pictures is actually quite an oldie. I often wore it with my converse, and I still love that combo!

Skirt: H&M
Knit: Vero Moda Very

New In

What better to occasionally spoil yourself with than some shopping? I only bought two items, but I am very happy with both. The cardigan is super soft and has a nice springy color, which makes it easy for the in-between-weather healthcarewell pharmacy phentermine that we quite often experience here in The Netherlands. The shoes are just what I needed: pretty shades and a great mix of materials. I’ll show you an outfit with them soon!

Monday Inspiration

Morning! Did you enjoy your weekend? I spent some time doing nothing at all yesterday and I really liked it. After receiving my bachelor’s degree last thursday I felt like I deserved some relaxing. And we all know, a Sunday well spent brings a week of content 😉
Today’s collage is all about the spring/summer months, as I cannot wait for temperatures to start rising again. Have an amazing week!

A personal note

Yesterday, after studying for 3,5 years, I received my diploma at TMO European Fashion Business School, which now makes me “Bachelor Business Administration in Fashion”. #hellyeah!
I was already done by the end of February, but a diploma makes it just a little bit more official so now I can really show everyone my achievement. Good start of the weekend I would say! Enjoy yours 😉

My personal S/S 14 trend guide

Although I don’t really follow each and every trend closely, I do have some personal favorites which I will definitely be wearing. This would be my top ten, at random.

I. Stripes
An oldie but goodie. I think stripes always add a clean touch to a look and I combine them with almost everything. My number one wardrobe staple.

II. Visible lace details
I love details in lace. They can make an otherwise plain outfit much more interesting to look at. For example: I like wearing a nice lace top underneath a semi sheer blouse, so that it peeks through a little. Nothing too much though, you don’t want it to become tacky. On hot summer days I also still like a drop armhole vest with a nice lacey bra underneath.

III. White
White is always a good idea when it is a warm, sunny day. It looks radiant & fresh, plus it makes your skin look more tanned. A win-win situation!

IV. Pastels
Speaking of shades, I’m also a fan of soft colors like pastels. Especially ‘nude’ is still one of my favorites and will probably show up again in my outfits for spring and summer. Such an easy tone to work with, and although it’s pretty basic, I think it’s less “boring” than other basic shades such as grey or beige.

V. Fringes & Tassels
As you may have noticed, I carry around my tassel bag a lot lately. I’ve fallen madly in love with everything that has tassels or fringes. Think jackets, bags and even shoelaces. I would never match them all together though, that would probably be too much to my taste.

VI. Bucket bags
Since my beloved tassel accessory came in the form of a so-called bucket bag, I started looking for similar bags. At this point, I have a list full of bucket bags which I would like to add to my modest collection. I like the fact that they have kind of a different shape than most other bags, which makes it a nice piece to vary things up.

VII. Sweaters
Whether it’s high summer or mid winter, sweater weather can occur any time here in The Netherlands. Therefore it’s always a good idea to have a couple of pretty knits and sweats. Although it might not be the most practical combination (think too warm or too cold, never in between), matching shorts with a big knit is one of my personal favorites.

VIII. Crop tops
As I told you the other day, I like wearing crop tops in high summer. A pretty basic piece of fabric which can easily be dressed up or down. I prefer wearing crop tops with just a little more length or matched with a higher waisted pants during regular weekdays.

IX. Oversized shirts
Worn as a dress (over your bikinis), or tucked in to a pair of denim cut offs, an oversized shirt never really gets old. I own a couple in white and light blue, and I also recently bought a striped version.

X. Flat sandals
It seems like every year a new variant of the flat sandal is introduced. Totally fine to me, cause I really like to give my feet a little break from wearing heels every now and then. On the other hand, my urge to buy more every year never really stops… 😉

Hiding in Furs

After being spoiled with a week full of sunny/warm weather, a grey and colder day is always kind of a disappointment. Anyway, I decided not to let these blues get to me and so I am hiding in my big faux fur coat. Didn’t think I’d be able to still wear it! Since the coat is kind of an eye-catcher already, I kept the rest of the outfit rather simple and focused more on the details. Have a nice day!

Faux fur: Asos
Jeans: H&M
Boots: Mango

Monday Inspiration

This week’s got me pretty excited. Not only will it officially become spring, I’m also graduating! From that moment on I may call myself “Bachelor in Fashion Business”. Sounds nice, right? Feels good to successfully close another chapter and I am totally ready for new adventures. That also includes blogging, you may have noticed that I am posting a lot more lately, and I am planning on keeping that up. Enjoy your week!

Image source: Tumblr