It finally got to temperatures below freezing points, after months of too warm weather. One of the upsides of colder days and snow is the beautiful light. I honestly love taking pictures during (proper) winter, because of the natural soft touch.
Only thing is that wearing heels like I did is not the best idea…It was really slippery! Anyway, since I was determined to take outfit pictures in this light, I got my courage together and took things outside. Hope you like the result!

Coat: Selected Femme
Biker leggings: Costes
Sweater/beanie: H&M
Shoes: Mango

New In: Singoalla

Ah, the feeling when the doorbell rings and you know it’s the mailman with a parcel, containing something you ordered the other day.. Nothing like it! I love shopping online and every time I open the door with a huge smile on my face when it arrives. Feels kinda like getting a present! Well, except from the fact that you actually paid for it yourself, of course.
This morning I received my new singoalla blouse, and I am very pleased with it. I really like adding a touch of boho chic to my look and I’m sure this piece will do just that. I will show you a full look with it, soon!

Monday Inspiration

Can’t believe it’s Monday already. Last week literally just flew by. I remember practicing for my thesis defending like it was yesterday. So glad I’m finally done now! I really enjoyed working on it though, especially since I had a really nice topic: the influence of fashion bloggers. Anyway, it feels good to be spending more time on blogging again!

Images via Tumblr


Believe it or not, the ground I am standing on in this picture is fully covered in a white blanket of snow today. Good thing I chose to wear my chucks last week, cause they (and my feet!) would not survive weather like this. I have to admit: I am a fan of snow though, so I am planning on taking a long stroll this afternoon and breathe in some fresh air. Perfect for a Sunday!

Coatigan: Esprit
Top: H&M
Beanie: H&M
Glasses: Vintage


After spending my days at school and most of the time behind a desk, I finally had some time to shoot some pictures again today. Feels good to be able to put more time in to what I like doing best: blogging and everything that comes with it.
About the outfit: I scored this dress on sale, and I am so happy with it. Perfect basic with a twist! Have a lovely weekend guys 🙂

Dress/ Shoes: H&M
Bag: Mango

Kick It

Whenever I get really busy and need to travel a lot for school, I opt for easy shoes. These pals really made life easier the last couple of weeks, during the most hectic school period so far: finishing up my thesis. I’m quite pleased with all those on trend sneakers nowadays. They’re good looking and really comfy, as every piece of clothing should be if you ask me!


Whenever I find some free time I love to spend it watching series. My latest addiction must be HBO’s Girls. I have to admit, I didn’t follow it from the very beginning, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered the series. Anyway, since I did, I’m hooked. It’s so refreshing after being a fervent follower of series as Gossip Girl etc. It’s much closer to reality and in my opinion that is what makes Girls worth watching. Honestly, I cannot wait till I finally finish my thesis, so I have some of my free time back again! You can probably guess what’s the first to do thing on my list…Damn right, transform in to a couch potato and start watching the new season of GIRLS. Are you going to watch, too? If so, you can start by watching the free first episode on the website of HBO. Cool, right? That’s not all though. Fashiolista teamed up with HBO and whenever they do, you know it’s going to be something good. This time you can win a trip for two straight to the Big Apple, as in New York, for two! Only thing you have to do is picking your favorite moment of GIRLS so far, simply by clicking here.

Simple and Pink

You might have noticed that I am posting a bit irregularly lately. This has to do with the fact that I’ve been having some trouble with Blogger, which makes my pictures really pixelated when I upload them. Has any of you been experiencing the same problems, and do you happen to know the trick to get it fixed?
Anyway, here’s my outfit: simple, with my huge pink coat to keep me warm, since temperatures are dropping again. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Coat: H&M Trend
Shoes/Bag: Mango
Leather skirt: Mango