I am starting to get slightly obsessed with oversized hats. I honestly think they’re key to spicing up most of my outfits. Can’t wear them all the time tho, the dutch wind will blow them right off when you don’t constantly protect them, which is, frankly, quite annoying.
The jacket I am wearing is really old, didn’t even know I still had it!

Jacket: eBay
Shoes: H&M
Tee: Zara
Jeans: H&M

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Royal Knit

Last week, I was scanning through my wardrobe and just couldn’t find the perfect jumper to wear. I decided to check out my boyfriend’s closet (or actually, he’s rather petite section of our mutual wardrobe) and my attention was caught by this blue marl fisherman knit. Perfect, so I decided to grab it and secretly snuck out the door. He didn’t even notice!

Jumper: BF
Shoes: H&M Margiela
Jeans: Asos

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Last Year

Gosh, I really cannot wait for Summer. These are pictures from last year, during the holidays. It was so nice and warm in Holland back then (for a couple of days only… but still).
I think all the pieces I was wearing here can stay for the new season. The jacket and the dress are both good wardrobe staples and I’ll probably wear them again this year. Do you have any older pieces you still like for the new season?

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Weekend Rituals

Sunday is usually my relaxation day. I try not to work on my computer (although that is sometimes quite a bit harder than I would expect),  since I am already sitting in front of the screen the rest of the week. So when I am not fully occupied by the virtual, I like to take it easy, grab some magazines and just do a little reading. What are your weekend rituals?

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Click, click

Ever since I saw the preview of  H&M’s conscious collection, I’ve been hooked on the drawstring blouse. No surprise that, when it came online, I immediately clicked it home.
I would have bought the entire line probably, if I had the financial means. For now, I just went with the blouse and the bag, and I cannot wait until they arrive! For some reason, it always feels like it’s my birthday when the mailman comes and brings me all kinds of packages. That is, of course, if I don’t think of the fact that I actually spend quite some money on those 😉

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