The shoe in Blue

Well, with a touch of shiny black in this case. Right when I saw these online the other day, I just had to have them.
Ugly/pretty as they are, they make the perfect pair to spice up any outfit.
Really looking forward to matching them with shorts and some bare legs as well, but I guess I can only dream about warmer weather for now…

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Wrapped in Print

I recently started to like leopard prints better than I used to. Since I found this jacket for really cheap, I felt like I just had to buy it. I already had this outfit in mind back then, and I was kind of curious how it would turn out. This is the result, and I am pretty pleased with it. Hope you like it, too!

Jacket: H&M (secondhand)
Shoes: Zalando Collection
Jeans: Zara

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@ Fashiolista

Since I am an intern at Fashiolista, I am using my profile a lot. I thought it might be nice to update you with my latest finds! You can of course follow me there as well.

1. Cut out buckle shoes, here
2. ColorSwitch iPhone sticker, here
3. Cute bag, here
4. Beanie, still much appreciated here in Holland, here
5. The Fashiolista x Tulpenfietsen bike, here
6. Geekie tee, here
7. Basic striped tee, here
8. Round glasses, here
9. Denim shorts, here

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Interior Inspo

Here’s something I usually don’t do, but I thought a little change every now and then wouldn’t hurt. I was scrolling through my interior-inspiration-files and I picked some worth showing you guys.
When it comes to home interior, I like a good share of rustic pieces. Mix them with some clean details (a see through plastic chair, yes please), some cozy blankets and a touch of vintage industrial and you have my dream home. What do you like when it comes to interior?

Sources: tumblr, pinterest, stylebyjules

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And the winner is…

Time to announce the winner of the Friis & Company giveaway. I picked a winner randomly, and the lucky number was 5, which means that the clutch is going to Katrina Bay! Congratulations girl, I will send you and email asap.

I would like to thank everyone who entered the giveaway for their kind words about my blog. If you ever have any feedback/remarks/questions etc, do not hesitate and let me know!

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