Previous Outfits

You might have noticed my sporadic posting lately. I’m having some exams at the moment, so I am basically just studying all day, every day! I thought a little break on this sunday afternoon wouldn’t bother too much, and I decided to put together a collage of my latest looks. Tell me, do you have a favorite? Oh, and don’t forget to check out my huge sale 😉

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Doin’ Denim

This denim jacket I bought last summer fits surprisingly well in my autumn wardrobe. I think it goes really well when matching softer colors (such as the hue of my glasses) with darker shades. Since I am a fan of light shades, I am glad I found a new way to include them into my autumn looks.

Jacket: Asos, Glasses: Vivilli, Shoes: Nelly

Mixing Seasons

While being busy dividing all of my summer clothes from my winter clothes, I came across these crocheted shorts. I thought they could perhaps be nice for autumn as well, mixed with the right colors and fabrics. So I went trying it out and it resulted in this outfit post. Hope you like it!

Shorts: H&M divided, Cardigan: Old, shoes: eBay

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About Me

A while ago, I received two awards from two amazing bloggers, called “Hippie Chic Pao” and “Chicks about Fashion”. Thanks girls!
When receiving the awards, you should share some facts about yourself with your readers. Since I’ve received two, I thought it would be nice to fuse them into one blogpost and tell you something about myself.

  • I live together with my boyfriend in Utrecht
  • Me and my boyfriend have been together for over 6 years now
  • My little brother takes my outfit pictures
  • I am a huge sucker for everything knitted
  • I love traveling
  • I’m crazy about animals
  • I am studying fashion management, third year now
  • I really want to visit London 
  • I made an autumn/winter-wishlist which keeps growing and growing, and I can hardly ever cross out the complete list
  • I can be really messy
P.S. If there is anything else you like to know about me, or something that you’re missing on my blog, or just something else, please do not hesitate to tell me, just shoot!

Keep your hat up

Trying out outfits with my new cap, love the warm burgundy color it has. I like to mix and match with burgundy and blue, as you could already see in my previous post. I am always a fan of clean looks, so adding a bit white is definitely something I regularly do.

Knit: Mango, Jeans: H&M LOGG, Shoes: H&M Trend, Bag: Vintage

Pictures by Georges

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