Closer Look: The Skirt

Here’s a picture of the skirt I was wearing yesterday. Some of you thought the shorts and the skirt were separates, but they’re not! It’s one piece, and I love it. This was probably the final sale buy I did, bought it just before I went to Greece. Could be the best one as well, got it for only 8 pounds, while it used to be 34..Guess luck was on my side during this year’s sale period, I used to always kind of miss the ‘great sale finds’ boat..

Take me Back

Some pictures of my summer holidays in Greece. The picture of me in the blue water is in the sea, not the swimming pool! The water was so crazy clear and had such a beautiful color. I just want to go back there now, especially with the rainy weather today..


The weather is perfect today, perfect to enjoy the summer sun in skirts etc, but also to mix and match a little with autumn pieces. Yesterday evening I had such a lovely time with my family and boyfriend, just relaxing a bit and having some good food, love it! I think my weekend will be just about the same, cause after that I’ll have to go back to school again so I am fully enjoying my holidays while I still can. Have you got any plans for the weekend yet?

Skirt: Rare, Top: H&M, Bag: Pieces, Shoes: Bullboxer, Hat: NewLook

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What’s that jacket, Margiela?

Or should I say dress? Found this image online, a sneak peek to the collection of Margiela X H&M! I mean, that is one gorgeous dress, no? If the whole collection is gonna be this pretty, I better start doing some extra money saving..

I returned home from Parga (Greece) last Saturday and I have been a bit sick since (I guess that is what you get from swapping a lovely hot place for a cold, not so pretty place). That is the reason why I haven’t updated my blog yet! I am feeling better at the moment though, so I will probably shoot some outfit pictures later this day!

Image: French Elle via Google

Sea Breeze

With temperatures rising up till 38 degrees celsius, me and my boyfriend are enjoying the sea almost every day. It is so nice to finally have some real summer, after all those way too cool days in Holland. You’ll have to wait just a little longer for some new outfits, but I promise you they will come again soon!

Easy Going

I gotta be honest with you: I thought that when in Greece, I would be able to do nice outfit shoots everyday with beautiful backgrounds and lovely summer dresses. But I’m just being too lazy, and 90% (more like 99) of the time I walk around in my bikini’s, haha! Today I had to do some groceries so I slipped into something simple, and this is what I wore. (yet again, I can imagine you getting tired of my simple outfits :p)

Bye, Bye Holland!

After having a great week with my family on our boat in The Netherlands (with great weather, yeah!), it’s time for my boyfriend and me to unpack and then pack again for a week with lots of sun and fun, in Greece! I’ll bring my camera and my laptop, so you can expect outfits etcetera to occasionally pop up on my blog 🙂 Make sure you check out my Instagram, I’m really addicted lately..