Long Lost Pink

When I was checking out a garbage bag full of old stuff in the back of my closet last week, I found this pair of shoes. Must have got mixed up with the other things by accident, so I was happy that I got them back. Still love the colour!
P.s. Yes, my black trousers met my scissors as well.. 😉

Cut it!

Now that ankle grazers are really hot, I thought it was time to make a change to my old pair of jeans. I just  recently found it in the back of my closet and wasn’t planning on wearing it again. But, then I decided to get the scissors and cut off a bit of the length, so that it turned into an ankle grazer, with a bit fringing on the edges which I really like. You’ll see me wearing it soon, and probably a lot!

Hair: The Bun

Trying out something different with my hair: a bun! I am using that donut thingy which looks really weird but actually creates a nicely shaped style. I’m just not quite good at it it, so if you have any tips & tricks.. please share! 🙂

P.S. I’ll be off to Berlin for the next three days to do some trend spotting & cool hunting! (School assignment) Really excited, will do a post about it when I get home!

Brand Love: Selected Femme

Now I don’t usually randomly promote brands on my blog. But this is just worth the exception. This brand has all the right ingredients I need for a perfect spring. Perfectly tailored jackets in beautiful colors, lovely draped dresses creating a marvelous shape, nice jeans with zippers in the right places (which is obviously not only the crotch anymore, haha!) I can go on and on about the brand, but you should healthcarewell pharmacy topamax just check it out yourselves. Best part is: it’s all very affordable!
And this is all just me, no corporations involved. Although, if you are reading this SF, you can always send me some free clothing *hint* No harm trying, right? 😉

P.S. I will be uploading lots of outfits next weekend, to compare all the not posting from the last couple of weeks, due to school. So stay tuned!