Minty Sweet

This is an outfit I was wearing during the weekend, when the weather was so lovely. I really like the sweet and minty colour of this jacket, which I recently bought. Such a perfect colour for spring and summer, gives me an instant ‘fresh’ feeling!
I am still busy with my project at school, so I am currently not able to update every day. Hope this will get better after the big show, which will be next week!
Jacket/Skirt: H&M, Bag: Pieces

Sneak Peak: The jacket

Remember me posting this jacket? I was thinking of ways to wear it today, but I can’t really decide what kind of shoes I should be wearing with it. I just wish I could be walking around with bare legs right now, would definetely make things easier.
So for now, you just got a sneak preview, haha! If you have any suggestions, please share 🙂

Sporty Skirt

Another outfit of last weekend. Trying out a simple skirt I bought last year at h&m’s sale. I thought I’d give it a shot in a sporty way, matched with my good ol’ converse and a jumper. What do you think?

Skirt:H&M, Jumper:Pull&Bear, Bag:Pieces

Jeans on Heels

First of all: I’m sorry for not updating so much the past week, but I am reaaaaly busy at school nowadays. We’re doing this project in which we have to completely arrange a fashion show (trend show) from a to z all by ourselves. And we only have about 5 weeks to prepare everything, so it’s busy busy busy.
Second: Here’s an outfit which I was trying on today. Though the weather seems to be getting spring-ish, it’s not yet warm enough to go outside with bare feet.

Pants: H&M, shoes: Zara, Blouse: Vero Moda, Bag: Pieces

New In: Funky Pants

When it comes to trousers, I really like wearing soft and loose designs. A skinny piece is of course still a wardrobe staple, but it’s nice to give your legs a break every once in a while.
So I went looking for the perfect laid-back style and I found this! Trousers with prints like this don’t need much, so I think it would really go well with a pretty basic vest, an off-white blazer and some nice heels. I’ll show you the outfit I have in mind soon!

Soft & Tough

Finally showing you the complete outfit! This suede jacket is a piece I bought last year already, and although I love to wear it, I never took outfit pictures with it. So about time! I really like the fact that the suede is nice and soft, but at the same time kinda tough-looking. What do you think?

Jacket: Ibana Rouge, Dress: Zara, Belt: Topshop, Shoes: eBay