Just a simple outfit for school, which I was wearing yesterday. I recently bought this pair of ‘leopard’ ankle boots. At first I wasn’t a big fan of anything leopard printed, but I am starting to like it (only in accessories though, not really in clothing) What do you think?

Blazer:H&M Trend, Shoes:eBay, Bag: Pieces

Outfit: Details

Some details of my outfit! I wanted to make good outfit pictures but the battery of my camera died and this is the only one that came out right. So I’ve got but the details to show you guys for now, the rest will follow soon!

Suede jacket: Ibana Rouge, Dress: Zara, Belt: Topshop(oldie)

I want Spring!

I really can’t wait for spring to come, so I’ll be able to wear these new shoes outside as well. I’m also wearing a boyfriend jeans, love loose clothing matched with heels. I think it is a great way to combine chic & shabby! What do you think?

P.s. My feet look very painful in the last picture, and they are actually, haha! Not the best shoes to walk in for a whole day I guess..

Shoes: Nelly, Jeans: H&M, Bag: Asos

Collage Vintage

Now that “my photographer” is down with an arm injury, I’ve been unable to make outfit pictures during the weekend. So I thought it would be the right time to make a collage with pictures I haven’t shown you before!

So what exactly are you looking at?
1. My black booties
2. Jules in (Faux!) Furs
3. Wearing my new eBay bargain
4. My new Peplum top! (eBay picture, not my wallpaper :p)
5. Me in one of my favorite jumpers
6. Longing for summer! This is a picture I made in Greece (Santorini) last year.

Treasure Hunting

When I was doing some online treasure hunting the other day, I bumped into this jacket and I couldn’t help but clicking it home right away. Best thing I did that day, cause this jacket is made out of really soft suede and I just love the colour and the unusual revers. Will show you an outfit with it soon!

jacket: Vero Moda Very

Loosen Up

I love wearing oversized blouses, especially when they’re really soft too. Perfect for everyday wear, and I can imagine myself wearing this piece in summer with bare legs, shorts and sandals as well!

Blouse: Vero Moda, Shoes: Zara, Hat: Vila

Scarf..or Cardigan?

Trying out different things with clothing pieces and accessories has always been an exciting thing for me. I like to try new stuff, though it has to stay close to my own style of course. So when I was trying out this scarf the other day, I figured that is was so big I could easily wear it as a cardigan! I will show you a complete outfit with it soon!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my sale! 🙂

scarf: Zara (Sale)

Sale by Jules

As you might have noticed, I have a button called “Sale by Jules” in the top menu. I didn’t really do anything with it because I was too lazy to take pictures of all the clothes I wanted to sell, but today I got busy taking pictures and as a result, the “Sale by Jules” started! Take a look if you like, I will add more this week!