Larger than Life

For a school assignment, I had to go browse through the Internet and magazines to collect all kinds of innovations in the field of styling. I bumped into some pictures of Visionaire Magazine and found out that they made an issue, called ‘ Larger than Life’, which has mind blowing  measurements. The smallest magazine is 3 x 4 feet and they have a ‘deluxe edition’ which is even larger. How’s that for innovation! No surprise that they hold record with this in the Guinness Book of Records! If you’re planning on buying it, make sure you’re up for some serious wallet damage, they’re not exactly cheap..
Check out more about this here

Wardrobe Shades

I already told you that I am a fan of autumn colours, but I also like nude and cream shades and I often use those in my outfits. Obviously words don’t measure up against pictures when it comes to colours, so I made a few snaps of my closet. This is just a small collection, but in my opinion it gives a clear view on my favourite shades. What are your favourite wardrobe colours?

Forest Stroll

I love to take a walk in the forest every now and then, and since I’m a sucker for nature’s colours in autumn, I brought my camera this time to make a couple of nice pictures. Nature can be really inspiring if you ask me! I made a little mentalhealthdrugs provigil collection to show on my blog, and I took some outfit shots as well. I was wearing my new cape coat (yes, I have a thing for capes!) which has kind of an eggplant colour.

Coat: Ellos, Shoes: Asos, Bag: Pieces, Faux Fur Piece: H&M

Green Cables

I was wondering how to combine my ‘summer dress’ for autumn. This is what I came up with, I figured that the dress has a slight green tone in it, so I thought it would be nice to match it with my green cardigan. What do you think?

Dress: Object, Cardigan: Vila, Shoes: eBay

Orange for November

I’ve always liked orange as a colour for autumn outfits, and it goes so well with the shades that nature is showing at  the moment. I can enjoy a whole day watching all those beautiful leaves and colours. That gave me some inspiration to wear my orange jumper today!

Jumper/Headband: H&M, Jeans/Shoes: Zara, Coat: Mexx (old)