Think Pink!

Outfit of yesterday: wearing my hot pink dress with a turquoise ring and wedges. I really like those two colours together, they make such a colourclash!

Dress: H&M Trend, Shoes: eBay, Ring: H&M

Shopping / Perfect Wedges

I was scanning through eBay in search of the perfect summer dress. I wanted something floaty, with a touch of  boho. Never found it. However, I did buy a pair of taupe, suede wedges. Quite different from the dress I wanted, but just as perfect. I have some really nice ideas on how to pair them up, so stay tuned for the outfits!

p.s. I made a few changes on my blog, I edited the width of the layout and I will post bigger pictures from now on. I still have all my previous posts, I just didn’t want to have pictures of different sizes on the same page. You can find everything in the archives and as soon as I post more updates with bigger pictures, there will be more on the same page again!