Dinner Outfit

This is actually what I was wearing last week, during a dinner in Amsterdam with my bf. Unfortunately, my internet was gone for the whole week so I couldn’t update my blog. Sorry for that!
p.s. :I am wearing the jacket from my previous post here!

Trousers: Vila, Shoes: Cafe Moda, Tee: Forrest&Bob 

The Button Swap

About two weeks ago, I did my first buy for spring. I bought this nice, creamy white coloured jacket by Forever 21. I like the colour and the fit, but I just wasn´t sure about the white button. I thought it could use a little extra something and so I chose to reconstruct it a bit. See for the results below!

Heels Parade

Heels are a big love to me, and these are my favourites at the moment. Altough I can’t wear the chunky wooden-and-leather pair just yet, I like to think of ways to match them in spring and I have a couple of really nice outfits planned with them!

Beige Heels: Zara, Blacks and Sandals: Café Moda

The Basics

When I first saw that you could get this special gift wrapping at my-wardrobe.com, I thought it was a ridiculous thing to do when you’ve orderd but a plain, simple t-shirt. Then I saw that the wrapping was for free, so I got myself a nice little present. The tee I bought is fabulous, the fabric is really soft and it’s just a great basic.

Tee: Forrest&Bob

Silky and Draped

I am wearing my silky grey/cream blouse today, which has kind of a collar you can knot, like a scarf basically, but I decided to tuck it into my trousers and draping it a bit. What do you think? I won’t be wearing this in the afternoon though, cause I have to travel for about 2,5 hours and I’d rather slip into something more comfortable then!

Blouse:Zara, Trousers: H&M Trend, Shoes: Café Moda