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06 June

Chapter 6 out of 12. Can you believe how fast this year’s going? We’re already halfway through! Anyway, it’s June so that means it’s the month in which summer officially starts and I cannot be more excited about that. The past few weeks have been quite sunny and warm here in The Netherlands already, so hopefully summer will bring us even more of those days.
Speaking of summer, me and my boyfriend also just booked (finally, we’re always late!) our summer getaway, which will take place next month. This time, we’re going to explore Skopelos, a Greek Island in the western Aegean Sea. Can’t wait! What are your plans for summer? Curious to hear about them!

[Images: thedashingrider.com / matildadjerf.com / ATP Atelier / refinery29.com / Damoy Antwerp]

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