05 / MAY

Monday Inspo May

I cannot believe we’re already in chapter 5 out of 12. Feels like this year is going crazy fast, isn’t it?
After a cold April, I’m hoping May is going to bring us a little preview of summer. This weekend the weather was actually quite good! On days like that I love to go outside and just drive around with my bf, discovering new places and enjoying the outdoors. That is what spring is all about to me anyway, spending as much time as possible outside.
On another note, you might have noticed that I have been posting a little less these past weeks. It had to do with the fact that my schedule was packed. Next to blogging for myself I started working as a content creator for Brandfield three days a week, which means I now have two jobs and I simply have to redivide my time. It’s super exciting though! If you’re curious about my work, take a look at the Branfield blog, I’ve already written a few posts (in Dutch)!
And last but not least: I’m also still working on a re-design for my blog. The layout feels a bit outdated, I really want to make it more interactive. My blog is going to be a place where all the tracks I’m leaving behind on www and my social channels will come together. More about that soon!

For now, have an awesome Monday! xo

[Images: rodeo.net/elinaolofsson / instagram.com/elenavasilieva / chloe / thedashingrider.com / instagram.com/thefashionmedley]

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